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Writers' Cafe / Re: KDP Champ - KDP's first email notifier!
« Last post by Antonis427 on Today at 10:40:35 am »
I gotta say, after some growing pains, this tool has become a part of my routine!

I no longer get refresh-fingeritis from refreshing the KDP reports page every 10 minutes. Getting sales emails is a gamechanger.

I still need some things: please activate the 5-min interval ASAP! And the emails you send are VERY plain. Some more pizzazz willl make me even more excited to receive them. First worlld problems.
Writers' Cafe / Re: After the Con
« Last post by NikOK on Today at 10:32:55 am »
Sounds pretty cool.  I will definitely give it a watch when I get some time and maybe pick up some nice writer's tips from you guys.  Thanks for giving it a post!
Writers' Cafe / Re: I'm Going To Ask For Help Now.
« Last post by J. Tanner on Today at 10:23:43 am »
I'm going to work on a mailing list. Not quite sure how to go about it yet, because it can be a slow process.

But from what I understand and have read, buying a list is not a great way to target your readers. Is this true? I was wondering how Bookfunnel could help in this matter. Has anybody used BF for gaining readership? They say they are not a promo site.

1. Determine what your list freebie will be. Ideally, it ties into a series you've written. Write a new short if you need to.
2. Write a series of 4 messages you'd like every subscriber to read. One is a welcome, with a download link for your list freebie. Two can be an intro to your and your other books. Three can be some personal interest. Four can be a second list freebie if you have something else.
3. Sign up for a mailing list at mailerlite or mailchimp. Create an "autoresponder" series of emails using the messages you wrote in #2.
4. Your mailing list provider will give you a sign up link. Put this prominently on your website home page with a message like "Sign up for my newsletter to get [X] for free as well as updates and discounts on my books."
5. This will be tough with trade books, but link to the sign up form in #4 in the front and back of your books where you can with the same brief message.

If you can do just that, sign ups will trickle in.
You should never expect a review from a blogger. not eve if they tell you they will. There could be any number of reason they don't from forgetfulness to not liking the book. As an indie, you will typically be low on the priority list. It sucks, but that's the way it is. Bloggers with large followings get sent hundreds of ARC's from publishers, some going so far as to include nice gifts to go along with the book.
Which brings me to my point. If you really wan to stand out, send other stuff too. Key-chains, candy, whatever....Make receiving your book an event. It increases your odds of a review and decreases your odds if they don't like it they'll say so publicly.
Writers' Cafe / Re: And The Hand Finally Closes Around Our Throat
« Last post by Trioxin 245 on Today at 10:13:14 am »
In any business you can do the "right things" and it does not mean you will be successful.  You can pick the perfect location for a restaurant, hire the perfect chef and have rave reviews. And it can still fail.

There is only 100 places in the top 100 of any given category. Dwell on that for a bit. 100 people can grace that particular chart out of the thousands (tens) that want to. Why have they made it there?

Shane does make a valid point concerning releasing book a month, mailing list etc. Its spoken of like do this and that and you will win. And some have responded correctly that they are all ingredients of a bigger recipe to a career.
In other words (directed to no one in particular) stop chasing the "One cool trick that turned my sales around" philosophy. Its doing lots of things and doing them well.
Using the mailing list as an example. It is not just a link at the back of a book and collecting a email address to spam with "Buy my new book". Its another opportunity to retain a fan, build a relationship and so on. It takes work.

Last point that can help anyone who is reading this, and that is, who is your reader? How old are they? What is their disposable income? Likes ? Dislikes? Are they mostly men, women? Teens?

If you do not know then ask yourself this. If I do not know who is reading my book how can I sell/appeal to them?

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Seller Account
« Last post by ImaWriter on Today at 09:59:20 am »
Again, you do not need a seller account. You are not a seller. You self publish your books via the Amazon platform and they are the seller. You are paid a royalty.

KDP and Seller Central are two completely different things. I suggest you follow those links and understand the differences. That is your job, not some low lever customer service rep that clearly doesn't know what they are talking about. You say you talked to Amazon. Which department?

And you will continue to be charged for Seller Central as long as you are enrolled. It isn't deducted from anything. It is a fee which you expressly and freely agreed to pay when you accepted the terms.

ETA. And where are your books advertised for free? You set your prices, not Amazon. And if you set your price elsewhere for free, Amazon will price match to free. Or are you saying it's free in KU? If that is the case, and you put your book in KU, you most certainly did sanction giving your book away for "free."
Writers' Cafe / Re: Seller Account
« Last post by Lydniz on Today at 09:55:42 am »
I managed to get Amazon to phone me this morning as I had received yet another invoice. He was adamant that I needed a seller account even though I have set up a Kindle account and my books are for sale and, as far as I am aware, Amazon take their fee via the Royalty, which I am happy with.
I have sent an email today to Kindle explaining and asking whether I should have a seller account.
Also, I have spotted today that a Seller account can be either Basic or Professional -- Basic where less than 35 items sold per month (which is what I would definitely chosen anyway) -- Professional, seems to be the one I am locked in to.

And, why are my books advertised by them for FREE -- I haven't sanctioned that.

Many thanks for the responses, much appreciated. I will add more info IF I hear from Amazon (or, is it Kindle ?) It's very confusing.

You DO NOT need a seller account to list ebooks for sale on Amazon. You need a KDP account ( - you'll notice it says "Self-publish ebooks and paperbacks for free"). I don't know what this person is telling you, but they are wrong - perhaps because they don't understand what you're asking.

Presumably you have some record of whatever account you set up. As others have said, go into it and cancel whatever payment details you gave them.
Writers' Cafe / After the Con
« Last post by Brian D. Anderson on Today at 09:55:27 am »
I do a Sunday show called After the Con that some of you might be interested in watching. So far I've had Michael G. Manning, Kel Kade, AG Riddle, Jody Lynn Nye, and RJ Barker on. Today is David Dalglish and Alex White. Michael J. Sullivan was coming today but I ended up scheduling him for next week. He'll be on with Keith DiCandido and Susan and Clay Griffith. 
The concept is: The convention has shut down for the day and four writers are at the hotel bar having a casual talk. Unscripted, spontaneous, and fun.
If this is something you think you would enjoy, I air live and 3PM EST on my Facebook page -
Later I upload it to YouTube:
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Paid for reading Kindle
« Last post by LDB on Today at 09:48:27 am »
I'm in the U.S.. I have no idea why I got it but am not complaining any. Hopefully it's not a one time thing.
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