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Writers' Cafe / Re: Facebook ad acct restricted
« Last post by Rob Martin on Today at 09:43:12 am »
Its happened to me twice in the last 6 months. I just put in for a manual review and the account was back to normal in 3-5 days. Serious PITA, but that's FB.
ha yes I had same thing happen. tried to apply got rejected then tried again and they blocked me so I can't even see the page anymore. luckily I had joined under a pen name a couple years ago so I still have that to use when I want. was trying to consodalte accounts. I even contacted Michael Anderle and he said something funny which was nice but no one ever let me back in :(

good luck
Writers' Cafe / Re: Novum Publishers
« Last post by J. Tanner on Today at 09:06:16 am »
I would rather get feedback from professional people and finally publish a decent book. I've already written to a few publishers, but I've only received feedback from Novum Publishers, which of course I was happy about, because apparently, it's common that you don't get any feedback from many publishers... I know that people have been asked about some experiences with that publisher, but has anyone ever had any real contact with it and at best published a book there?

Novum is a vanity press:

This means the following:
1) Feedback from them is meaningless. They respond to everyone even if you submit completely unreadable prose.
2) Their goal is to charge you $2000 to $8000 to "publish" your book. A legitimate publisher pays you, not the other way around.
3) They have no intent to actually sell books to anyone but you.
4) Your book will not be more professional than a self-published book.

I am also willing to invest in my book if I can get professional help.
The smart way to do that is to self-publish. The less smart way to do that is to vanity publish.

The smart alternative to self-publishing is sticking to legitimate trade publishers who pay authors, not charge them.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Have You Posted to Your Blog Recently?
« Last post by LGOULD on Today at 09:04:23 am »
Is it ever right to wish personal misfortune on a public figure?  I posted some thoughts about this on
That looks promising, Shane! Kudos on all your hard work.

Thanks very much   :)
If you have to make money NOW, publishing is likely not the right move, so maybe in that way they're right. This is especially true if you're a newbie author. The likelihood of striking gold on your first ever release and in a timely manner is slim. But putting off creative projects entirely seems unadvisable. You can still write and prepare for a planned release schedule in 2021 or beyond.

You can do content writing, VA work, customer support, and so on online and without a huge barrier to entry. (Making good money with content writing does have a sizable and elusive barrier, but it's also able to be brute-forced with experience and luck.) But if you're in "I need to make a living wage now" mode, choosing today to publish won't get you to that finish line. It might in the future, after some consistent work and publishing, but it's not entirely an industry that responds quickly.
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Let us Play Change One word Game
« Last post by TWErvin2 on Today at 08:45:03 am »
tour guide
« Last post by Gareth K Pengelly on Today at 08:28:48 am »
It is acting up a little lately. Reporting seems to be very delayed, and reviews are now coming in in big batches, all the books updating at once, rather than in dribs and drabs.

So I don't think you're alone, I think it's just all a little slow and messed up atm. It'll sort itself out, though. It always does.

Nothing we can do in the meantime but keep writing.
To save others some time who may want to close their Amazon advertising account at some point, I am going to describe my experience so far.

Step One. I went to my account and stopped all campaigns from delivering ads.  Then I tried to pay off the balance, which I thought would then allow me to close the account.

Not possible. The account is set up to bill my credit card automatically, and that cannot be changed online.

Step Two. I email Amazon Ads to ask them to charge my credit card on file, and close the account.

The response was a warning that if I closed the account, I would no longer be able to access the ad record.

Step Three.  I email Amazon Ads to acknowledge the warning, and ask them to proceed with charging my card and closing the account.

The response was a request to remove all of the credit cards stored for payment on the account.

Step Four. I email Amazon Ads to advise that removing even a single credit card from the account was impossible, let alone all of them.

The response was to tell me to archive all of my ad campaigns, which would allow them to bill my card and close the account.  I was to tell them once I had done so.

Step Five. I email Amazon Ads to tell them I had archived all campaigns as instructed.

The response was to advise that they could not bill my card after all.  Instead, I must wait until my card is charged next month, and then email them again.  At that point, they will be able to close the account.

I am pretty sure I am not the first person to close an Amazon Ads account.  But you might think so from my experience.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone else closing an Amazon Ads account.
That looks promising, Shane! Kudos on all your hard work.
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