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Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon book ads
« Last post by Jeff Hughes on Today at 01:17:54 pm »
I am new to Amazon ads. I have a low key, low budget campaign going. $5.00 a day for 30 days, .75 per click max, using automatic keywords. In other words bland as can be. So far I have had 420 impressions, (Result of what I pay per click?), and 4 clicks, no sales. Not much of a sample. From what I understand impressions come from what you pay, clicks from your cover, sales from you blurb. I have read that 1 click in 1000 impressions is acceptable. If so I am doing okay there. Not enough data on clicks to sales.

I am understanding all of this correctly?

Not quite. 

Impressions come from however you are targeting your book - keywords, similar authors/ASIN's, etc.  Impressions are free.  I think most folks find Manual targeting to be MUCH more effective than Automatic.

Clicks are when someone actually sees your ad... and clicks on it.  You pay for every click, whether or not that prospective customer goes on to buy your title or not.

It's helpful to spend some time browsing titles similar to yours - things like the Also Boughts of those titles, along with the ads that are presented as you iterate through the carousels, will give you much information of who and how you ought to be targeting your own book.

Good luck!
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Automatic book downloads not working? (Paperwhite 4)
« Last post by CS on Today at 01:02:48 pm »
I got fed-up of waiting and just manually downloaded the 20+ freebies. I got a warning indicating that I should connect the Kindle to power because mass-downloading a lot of files would deplete the battery. Since I was on 90% at that point, I ignored it. I will leave the Kindle alone for a day or two and let it completely index everything.

I hope it was just the mass quantity of freebies I "bought" creating a bottleneck, and automatic downloading will resume properly after this. We'll see...

I really like barryem's idea of downloading everything to a device that isn't my primary one. I suppose I could use my phone for that (I actually use it to create and sort collections - the Kindle phone app is much better for that than the Paperwhite or even the Amazon site's "Manage Your Kindle" page).

My only concern is, I know Kindle books are limited to 5-6 devices (or whatever it is). When I get a PC again, it might be a good idea for me to backup everything to Calibre (but that's a lot of work). Until then though, how can I ensure that I am not using up one of the 5-6 slots? Does erasing a book from the device automatically free up a slot now? I know it was much more complicated in the old days, where you'd have to call Amazon to clear up slots and it would take 2-3 days.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon book ads
« Last post by rilli on Today at 12:50:27 pm »
Since two days ago? About the same. :)

Nice! Breakeven is not bad because then the book ranks better. How long have you been publishing?
Writers' Cafe / Next 100 - Top 200?
« Last post by anotherpage on Today at 12:45:54 pm »
You know amazon lets you see the top 100 in the store. (this is a mix of genres)

Does anyone know if there is a way to see the next 100 after that? ( in entire store )
The Book Corner / Re: Amazon First Reads -- June 2020
« Last post by Atunah on Today at 12:43:14 pm »
I finished "Find Me" and liked it a lot. It was a total page turner for me. It went a weeeeee bit overboard at the end so overall it was a 4 star. It kept me engrossed until the end, which always apeals to me.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Genuinely confused about paranormal/UF covers
« Last post by Nick G on Today at 12:35:16 pm »
Your cover could have a group of people, some with weapons, some with glowy hands in a dark alley. :)

Or in front of a big, open, wrought-iron gate. ;D
Writers' Cafe / Re: Genuinely confused about paranormal/UF covers
« Last post by Vidya on Today at 12:35:10 pm »
Corvid, people might be able to help you more if you gave a blurb or short synopsis of your story. At present no one can tell you what kind of covers would fit your book since we don't know what the story is.

Shayne asked: “How is it that your books don't fit the cover standards?”

Good question. See, we don't know because you didn't give us the blurb.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Please give me feedback on my amazon book description
« Last post by ShWest on Today at 12:10:35 pm »
Do you love suspense? Award-winning author, Thomas Murray’s debut international suspense novel will surely excite suspense lovers.

Snarky but likable Gwendolyn is the world’s most cunning art forger. In this highly entertaining literary thriller, she switches her painting with the original in a private home and escapes. The morning after the heist, she learns that the owners were found killed. Someone claiming to be her confesses to the crime on a 911 call. She has been framed and must travel to dangerous exotic lands to find the real murderers and clear her name. Along the way, Gwendolyn must deal with Mexican gangsters, Russian mafia, and a corrupt LAPD.

I'm already intrigued and want to read this!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon book ads
« Last post by LauraWestbrook on Today at 12:04:20 pm »
How is it going now? Any sales yet?

Since two days ago? About the same. :)
Not Quite Kindle / Re: Let us Play Change One word Game
« Last post by telracs on Today at 11:29:39 am »
big air
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