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i-Blason cover for Fire HD 8.9
« on: December 18, 2012, 08:30:51 pm »
I got this case today and didn't see any reviews for it so I thought I would post something for those who are cover-shopping like I have been doing for the last week.

This cover seems very well made and sturdy. It stands at two different positions, but only horizontally. I feel the Kindle is pretty sturdy while it's standing.

There is a pen loop on the outside for a stylus (the case comes with a pen but they call it a stylus; no, it's a pen). I removed the pen right away because not only is it unnecessary it's in the way. I thought the loop would annoy me but I don't even notice it. In fact, despite it being shown as black in the picture it's actually the same color as the case.

I got this in purple and it is bright, vibrant and gorgeous. I don't know if it's real leather but considering it only costs $19.99, I doubt it. But it's very pretty.

There is not a strap to keep it closed but it does have a magnetic closure which is pretty good. Also, the Kindle sleeps when the case is closed and wakes when it's opened.

I cannot think of any negatives for this case. At twenty bucks you really can't go wrong. I have no plans on replacing this case with something pricier.

Here is a link, hopefully I am doing it correctly.

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