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About this book:
Lessons On Virtually Everything (LOVE): A Collection of Words and Thoughts, Volume IV
is Ms. Whitted's fourth book of poetry. Pulling from past and present experiences, this collection is a reminder that everything in life comes down to one important word - love.

In Ms. Whitted's own words: "Somewhere along the line, we placed limits on what love truly means. Love is so much more than romantic relationships or the feeling we get when we “fall in love”. It should be the root of all that we do. “Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." (1 Corinthians 13:7). When given to self first, love can’t help but flow into each life we touch.

The poems in this book are reflections of that love. They are things that I’ve seen, felt, and learned up to this point. It is my birthday gift to myself in celebration of how far I have come while acknowledging all that I have yet to see. "

Enjoy an excerpt from "Shrink":

So, this is me.
I've done the work
to heal the hurt
and improve my state of mind.
Not everyone is worthy of my essence,
my wisdom,
my touch
or my time.
I will carry myself
as a woman in high demand.
If this is too much for you,
I understand,
but I will not apologize.
I will not take my eyes off my prize.
I’ll still root for you
but not at the expense of my soul.
Call me cocky.
Call me brash.
Call me arrogant.
Call me bold.
Whatever boosts your ego
is not my concern.
I'm certain that this direction
is one that I have earned.
Through falling, I've learned.
Through self-love, I've gotten up,
dusted myself off,
filled my own cup
and made the changes to secure
my physical and spiritual wealth.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.
I'm a woman
no longer interested in shrinking
because it is bad for my health.


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