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We promote Free Kindle Books to our ever growing readership with our innovative book promotion service.

Offering a free book is one of the best methods any author can use to expand their reach and gain new readers. Simply write your books as a series, set your first book to free and promote the heck out of it! That is the exact formula that has brought us success.

We are authors ourselves, and we created our Kindle book promotion service to promote our own books. However, during the past year, following our own impressive success, we opened up the service to other authors who are now also enjoying the benefits of our new approach.

We may be the new kid on the block within the book promotion space but our new Book Blast service can deliver real results for you too.

Here is what our Book Blast service can do for you:
  • Firstly, every book we promote gets pride of place on our home page for a period of several days whilst the free book promotion is active.
  • Secondly, we send out a notification to our regular subscribers on the day the book becomes free in the Kindle store (or instantly if the book is permanently free).
  • Thirdly, we maintain an active presence on all the major social platforms where we extensively promote every book submitted to our service.
  • Finally, we have built a blog network consisting of over 70 sites (at present) and growing. Each time we promote a book, we place its Amazon listing on every one of those sites.
As a result, each book listing appears before tens of thousands of active and engaged book lovers, gaining new readers for our customers, and improving their rankings in the Kindle store. If the book is part of a series, many of those new readers will go on to purchase other books. In addition, if your book is in the Kindle Unlimited program, you should see a healthy wave of additional KENP reads too.

For customer reviews, and to schedule your place, see here: Kindle Book Promotion.

Please note that. although it is understandable that authors might wish to use our service more frequently, we recommend leaving an interval of about ninety days between free promotions (of the same book) to obtain optimal results.
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