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An unexpected ruler will rise in the kingdom of Azulyria. Ivyssa is a brash, unrefined Hedarian woman who would rather practice archery than deal with politics. Though she claims to be unsuitable for this role, she accepts it with grace and honor. The selection process is a test of worthiness, and is quite painful. Ivyssa searches for help, and accidentally interrupts a sacred ritual. Because of her interference, an innocent lost their life. This injustice fuels the anger of a self appointed assassin who is determined to eliminate her at all costs. A building desire for revenge takes an unprecedented turn as a spell goes horribly wrong, taking all if Azulyria with it. Decades later, it is now up to an ex FBI agent and a Stone Walker to reverse the tragic fate that had befallen a land full of elemental powers and intrigue. Can Alexandra Nealy and Jared Kingston finish a journey their siblings started?


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