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The Art of Winning Litigation Synopsis:

The Art of Winning Litigation is the author’s own philosophy and legal treatise on the mental aptitude needed to overcome any obstacle when litigating. This manual will condition the mind of the reader to effect victory in any arena of litigation.

The author’s philosophy is premised in THE WAY, a conditioned state of awareness that is dually omnipotent and omnipresent. This fluid consciousness can be achieved by any litigant—that is, any litigant ready to submit to the will of THE WAY.

Most have mistakenly likened THE WAY to “being in the zone”, but THE WAY is much more than that. It is not just a state, but a state of being. The author promises that if you yield to THE WAY of winning litigation you will be successful in all your legal pursuits. This manual is to be read carefully, in earnest, and in an unbiased manner. If you want to win your litigation, you want to read this book.


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