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  1. Writers' Cafe
    Hi, I am Paramita, book cover artist. My eBook cover designs are visually striking and attention-grabbing. While designing a cover, my first priority remains to produce a design that generates excitement and arouse curiosity within the readers, while communicating the concept of the story. I do...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    Hello! I'm a high school student in California looking for a partner to write a book and eventually publish in the genre of mental health/wellness. I am preferably looking for a partner with a background in psych or mental health, but anyone interested should reach out! If you are interested...
  3. Writers' Cafe
    Hi, the fiction novel tragic love story book, Ardent Grandeur, is on Barnes and Noble and I need suggestions on inexpensive marketing strategies for books? I am also writing other books and need an illustrator, any recommendations? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  4. Writers' Cafe
    I have a really good book on Kindle that has been doing so well recently, but then I got a one star rating (which is my only review so far) that has been messing up with its ranking and bringing in fewer sales and KENP reads. Pls is there any platform or forum where I can find share my book to...
  5. Writers' Cafe
    Hello authors I am RUBILANSHI a professional book marketer. I have extensive years of experience in book marketing, I can market more that 50 copies of your book daily. Feel free to contact me on any social media @RUBILANSHI Fiverr:
  6. The Book Bazaar
    This is a promotion for my first book I'm trying to sell through Amazon as self publisher. The Legend of Dreamt by Noe Anderson is an illustrated, very soft and more eerie Halloween short story. Inspired by Viy and Halloween, the Legend of Dreamt tells of the origins of monsters and where...
  7. Writers' Cafe
    It appears that my ad is "non-compliant to creative acceptance policies." The following reads like Monty Python script: "Your ad contains overly sexualized content. This includes sexually suggestive poses emulating a sexual position or alluding to sexual activity (whether clothed or...
  8. The Book Corner
    So my friend found a book which belonged to his grandfather or great grandfather. There are but few pages remaining of that book due to damage by negligence and also humidity. I'll mention some quotes from the book. Page#1 "In this world there is one principle and no other that you can rise on...
  9. Writers' Cafe
    Hi. I was wondering if anyone uses any book promotions and which ones they were. It can be for either physical books or ebooks. Thank you so much! All help is truly appreciated.
  10. Buy, Sell, Trade, and Barter
    You want your sentences to read with accuracy and clarity, with proper verb tenses and appropriate word choices that flow gracefully while capturing your intended meanings. Your paragraphs should reflect the substance of your thoughts, and each chapter of your manuscript should work together to...
  11. The Book Corner
    How is the book "Civilized Terrorist" by Musaib Malik. I heard couple of my friends talking about the book. I got good reviews about the book. Some even said that its really transformational and has the potential to change your life. I want to know more about the book, Is it really that effective.
  12. Writers' Cafe
    Experienced editor, reasonable rates. I will improve the clarity, grammar and style of your work. [email protected] or call 360-865-0224.
1-13 of 14 Results