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  1. Writers' Cafe
    I got my first BookBub Featured Deal for July 1, and I'm aiming to get on the USA Today Bestseller List (I realize that it's a tall order, but I'm going for it). But I have a question: I have two pen names...if I make it on the list, can I only use the 'USA Today Bestselling Author' designation...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    Hi all, New to the Boards - excited that I just got accepted for a Bookbub deal! My first book in my series will be the deal, international/US on Amazon and Google Play. Question - I am not in KDP Select (I am wide with both KDP and Ingram, as well as self-distribution on Googleplay and...
  3. Writers' Cafe
    Are anyone else's rankings stuck today?
  4. Writers' Cafe
  5. Writers' Cafe
    If you're looking to get followers on BookBub to help with launches and unlock pre-order promos at the magic 1k mark, these have proven successful. Many report getting upwards of 400 new followers from one promo. After 3+ years of these, I'm at over 5k followers there (you can see my BookBub...
1-5 of 5 Results