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  1. Writers' Cafe
    I've been using the same price for my ebooks for years: $3.99. All the books are wide and most are 100,000+ words although there's one that's 80K words. My books are either soft sci-fi (i.e., sociological/psychological/political/mystery--not space opera) or techno thrillers. Although I realize...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    Hello everyone, I am about to publish my first book on Amazon Kindle. I would love to get your straightforward feedback on the book cover. Thanks! Here is the book cover
  3. Writers' Cafe
    If you pay for editing, some writers are going to suggest who they think you should go to. If you have a critique group, writers will say, that doesn’t count. If you tell people you are going to let an English teacher read it, they may imply it doesn’t really count. If you post that you...
  4. Not Quite Kindle
    We've been working on Ploter for a little while now and thought that it's time to share. Ploter is a cloud library for all of the audiobooks and ebooks you own. You upload once and read everywhere with automatic progress syncing between devices. Core features: Cloud library to store all...
  5. The Book Bazaar
    I have many books available for you all to enjoy! Many of these books are available on Kindle unlimited or paperback. Samuel Ludke's: Back to Life Illuminati...
  6. The Book Bazaar
    Aachen Code The small message. Chapter 2. Amazon - Link
  7. Writers' Cafe
    Hi all! I run a cover shop for Ebooks on Etsy, please check it out! DarbyDesignsAU | Etsy
  8. Writers' Cafe
    So after 8 months of KU exclusivity, I finally pulled out and am preparing to go wide with my pen name. I decided to use Draft2Digital for this, to make things easier. But as I was uploading the first ebook, the D2D interface required an ISBN from me (theirs or my own.) I wrote support about...
  9. Writers' Cafe
    LN Reid 311 on Fiver ebook creations. Your idea your design. Fast turn around and complete collaboration throughout design.
  10. The Book Bazaar
    A new way to live a life without limits! Ayyoub El Badaoui, uncover the root of self-limiting beliefs that take us away from happiness and its taste. Based on proven strategies, The Shield of Happiness and Confidence offer powerful strategies and explain things in clear way, The goal of this...
  11. The Book Bazaar
    My poetry e-book is on sale this week (2/6-2/12) for only .99 cents on Amazon. Link below. We Grow in Groves: A Collection of Poetry (The Collected Works of Thomas Colquith Book 1) - Kindle edition by Colquith, Thomas. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @
1-12 of 12 Results