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  1. The Book Bazaar
    Series Description - Meet little Tommy. He has a magic spaceship that can go anywhere he wants. It was a birthday gift to him by an alien who lives on Mars. Every holiday Tommy and his friends take secret trips to various exciting places around the universe. Do you want to know what fun they...
  2. The Book Bazaar
    Just made it available for pre-order!! ;) A Demon Is Risen (The Blighted Chronicles Book 2) eBook : Bollinger, Evan: Kindle Store This is Book #2 in The Blighted Chronicles series. You can check out Book #1, "A Master Is Born" here.
  3. Creatures of the night

    In a world we're humans must hide underground to stay safe from the creatures who roam in the night Milena's life as an outcast is hardly worth noticing But on the day her village his attacked and her life is spared by the mysterious Elias, Milena is forced to throw everything she thought she...
  4. Gwynneth of Candlewick

    In a world of magic and wonders, myths and legends, knights and dragons, demons and deities, and much more still. This world is different from your own in more ways than one. This story, one of many, follows a girl named Gwynneth Winters. Gwynneth's younger brother, Carter Winters had fallen...
  5. The Book Bazaar
    Hello New writer here. Wish me luck, I guess, jaja. Recently I've uploaded my first book, titled A Charmer's Story - The Failed Spell, the first part of a planned trilogy. I would really appreciate if you could give it a chance, maybe download it for free with Kindle Unlimited and leave your...
  6. Writers' Cafe
    When you're running promos for your fantasy book or series (free or paid), what websites/services do you find return the best results? I would consider good results in terms of raw numbers of downloads/purchases, and best bang for your buck.
  7. Writers' Cafe
    I'll be self-publishing a sequel in my fantasy series soon, and was wondering what's a good way to get reviews early on? Should I send out an email to my subscriber list, asking for interested beta readers? It just seems like if you don't get a decent amount of reviews up soon after your book is...
  8. Slipped Masks. A novel by Jack Kost.

    If you were insane, would you know it? How would you see the world if you were convinced you could transform into a wolf? A horrifying portrait of Clinical Lycanthropy. When the need for love and companionship becomes twisted into obsession, possession, jealousy, violence … and murder.
  9. The Book Bazaar
    Ravenous dragons descending at night, goblin hordes rampaging across the land, kingdoms collapsing; amidst this cyclone of chaos, one woman rises. Vyra has always dreamt of joining the renowned Silverclad Knights and becoming a great warrior. The kingdom needs every soldier it can get, having...
1-9 of 9 Results