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  1. Writers' Cafe
    Hi. My manuscript is complete. I have gotten it professionally edited and I am happy. Now I need to know what's next. For the life of my I cannot wrap my mind around whether I should be looking into my book cover first or formatting. I don't understand the whole print and ebook thing. Should I...
  2. The Book Bazaar
    Convenience store managers and diner waitresses. Tow truck drivers and prison guards. These are tales of lonely characters longing for a change – and for honest connections with the people they encounter day after day. Among these fifteen stories, you’ll also find two tales that were the...
  3. The Book Bazaar
    A Lynx's Journey Chase The Wild Hunt Every one hundred years, the Wild Hunt indiscriminately attacks a gathering of people and slaughters those too slow to flee. Astrid of Clan Lodjur seeks revenge against the Wild Hunt for the death of her mother at a gathering of clans. She has trained for...
  4. Writers' Cafe
    I'm well into my 11th novel, and once again I'm struggling with writing a blurb. Folks have been so helpful in the past, and I'm hoping for suggestions. Thanks in advance. Here's my current attempt: Book Title: Ellie Dwyer's Startling Discovery (book 4 in a series) When Ellie and her best...
  5. The Book Bazaar
    Ten episodes of THE UPSTATE JOB are now available at Kindle Vella. The story takes place in Upstate New York in the 1890s at an abandoned factory where things aren't quite what they seem. Click the link below to learn more:
  6. No Going Back by D. T. Adams

    These days, everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. Brian Weathers doesn’t. He's a novelist and he's actually quite successful. The thing is, he doesn't want to become famous at all. In fact, he's only told six people he's got books published. So what's going to happen when a photo...
  7. Street Rules by Carl A. Parker

    The Street Rules trilogy was developed to give the reader a 'real' look behind the curtain that conceals much of what really transpires in the deadly streets of St. Louis, Missouri. Perhaps one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, the St. Louis story is a reality check and will...
  8. Slipped Masks, by Jack Kost.

    With only text messages to guide him, Casey Byrne is on the hunt, racing across five states to save his ex-girlfriend, Madison. But the closer he gets to her, the more surreal his journey becomes as the dead bodies pile up in his wake.
  9. The Book Bazaar
    Hi ladies and gents. It certainly has not been all fun and games being stuck at home for the past year due to the pandemic. But the ongoing situation has provided me with the opportunity to get plenty of work done on the writing front. I recently finished by second book of short fiction Adult...
  10. Writers' Cafe
    For me, I gain a lot of my inspiration for writing fantasy stories by history documentaries. Thinking about how things could've happened differently with fantastical events is something that interests me. It creates a great story seed that grows from there. Where do you get your inspiration for...
  11. The Book Bazaar
    I wrote a book. Fictional. Hope you enjoy it.
  12. A Lullaby in the Desert

    In 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham swept through the Middle East, threatening the lives of women, children, and millions of people already clinging to life after decades of conflict. This is the incredible story of Susan, an Iranian woman caught in the middle of that war, trapped not on
1-13 of 13 Results