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  1. The Book Bazaar
    Free Until April 24th 2022 Also Available Kindle Unlimited Afterwards Society is gone, and the world is at the mercy of the dead. Each character details their fight to survive in a world full of the dead and hostile survivors. Read how five different people experience the outbreak, and how...
  2. The Book Bazaar
    Hello, I'm David Hight and I'd like to introduce my new release, 'Emma in the Zone' I enjoy crafting fictional tales which are exciting and interesting, but which also subtly explore current events. 'Emma' does just that in a dystopian way with just a twist of horror to it. To follow is the...
  3. The Book Bazaar
    Kindle Free Promotion Till End Of August. Kindle Unlimited Ongoing Trapped in a building surrounded by the risen dead, a man looks over the events that lead him to this point. Who has been lost? Who has betrayed? Who remains? This is Sean's Story. DARK ERA OUTBREAK: Sean's Story
  4. The Book Bazaar
    "Douggie gave out one final scream, inhumanly high and loud. And then he flailed backward out of terror and pain. The edge of the bank crumbled under him. The black lake slid around him, muffling his splashes." Three friends on a fishing trip are hoping to catch something really big. But they...
  5. The Book Bazaar
    I'd like to share my first novel release here for anyone interested. If you like supernatural horror, science fiction, fantasy, drama, tragedy, and more, you may enjoy St. Jayla. There is also a paperback version available. My thanks to you for considering this offering...
  6. 💚 Custom cover design from MiblArt 💚

    If you're looking for a reliable and professional custom cover design company - check out MiblArt! We are a team of senior designers and project managers ready to help 24/7. Our services: photoshopped and illustrated cover design from $150 marketing graphics from $35 author branding from $150...
  7. Kindle Book Promotion that Gets Results!

    Search… We promote Free Kindle Books to our ever growing readership with our innovative book promotion service. Offering a free book is one of the best methods any author can use to expand their reach and gain new readers. Simply write your books as a series, set your first book to free and...
  8. Free Books Online: Definitive List of Free Books Sites

    Offering free books online without any need to first create an account, or sign up for anything, White Dove Books broke new ground back in the year 2000. Founded well before the advent of Kindle and the ebook revolution, the site began by providing access to a range of self help books that were...
  9. The Book Bazaar
    Horde, book 6 in Bryan Cassiday's zombie epic Zombie Apocalypse: The Chad Halverson Series, is FREE on Kindle. Grab your copy soon. Horde.
  10. The Book Bazaar
    I have a couple of new stories out in consecutive issues of Dark Dossier magazine, issues 56 and 57. Issue 56 features "Playmate," the dark mystery story of a man with personal regrets who seeks to help a mysterious disheveled woman who turns up each morning on his back lawn in a Florida...
  11. Exactly How I Promote and Sell Books

    There was a time when, with a bit of careful targeting, you could simply publish a book in the Kindle store and get some traction. With comparatively little competition in the early days, some people quite literally managed to become successful authors overnight. So first, the bad news: those...
  12. Price of Evil.jpg

    'Price of Evil' Book 7 of the Father Steel series
  13. Untitled Design.jpg

    Parisian terror - Book 6 of the Father Steel series
  14. darkwell cover 4.jpg

    'Darkwell' Book 5 of the Father Steel series
  15. IL0620.jpg

    'Innocence Lost' Book 1 of the Father Steel series
  16. Touch of Darkness 1.jpg

    Touch of Darkness- Book 4 of the Father Steel series
  17. sosg1.jpg

    In the Shadow of St Giles (Book 2 of the Father Steel series)
  18. EC1.jpg

    Eye of the Crow (Book 3 of the Father Steel series)
  19. IL0620.jpg

    'Innocence Lost' Book 1 of the Father Steel series
1-20 of 25 Results