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  1. Writers' Cafe
    Okay folks, I totally screwed this one up. Kindle Vella does have a new promo giveaway on their site. Instead of free tokens they give away to new readers having no value they will have the 200 token redemption value from now until december. This will give vella authors an inroad to potentially...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    It is a service for kindle books for finding the right category, sub category, and more.
  3. Writers' Cafe
    I was recently offered, and accepted, the opportunity to do a Kindle Deal in the US and Canada for my first book The Second Korean War. It’s the first time I’ve been offered a Kindle Deal. It started today. How has your experience been with Kindle Deals? Especially, did the sales volume...
  4. The Book Bazaar
    Kindle Countdown Sale- July 13th - July 20th. All e-books will be at 0.99 pounds/dollars, including my book- Hidden Heroes of our Community. Author application link: StoryOrigin

    All e-books will be at 0.99 pounds/dollars using the Kindle Countdown Deal feature. This will include my book- Hidden Heroes of our Community. Author application link: StoryOrigin
  6. Writers' Cafe
    Hello guys, I am a first time, self-published author. My book was published 2 months ago, and I've had 20 sales, 0 amazon reviews and 4 goodreads reviews. My sales are mostly from friends but they can't leave reviews since they're new on Amazon and this is their first purchase(Amazon requires...
  7. The Book Bazaar
    "The situations encountered are so totally absurd that I was compelled to laugh and - needless to say - enthralled by. Some of the sketches border on genius if you have the desired type of SOH. More importantly for me, I will almost certainly revisit the book over a period of and when...
  8. Writers' Cafe
    If anyone here would like a free book promo (at White Dove Books) we will do it for you in return for a link from your author website or book blog. Check out what we can do for you here: Kindle Book Promotion All you need to do in return is add a link to White Dove Books from your website. You...
  9. I am GoD Revelations

    This is the cover for the second book in the series. Again the cover is designed by my daughter, only this time she i also featuring on the back cover... in her Goth impression of the charming 'Jessie'.
  10. Kindle Book Promotion that Gets Results

    Search… We promote Free Kindle Books to our ever growing readership with our innovative book promotion service. Offering a free book is one of the best methods any author can use to expand their reach and gain new readers. Simply write your books as a series, set your first book to free and...
  11. Untitled Design.jpg

    Parisian terror - Book 6 of the Father Steel series
1-11 of 11 Results