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  1. Smoke & Mirrors by DJ Mac

    A tale from the gutter. Smoke & Mirrors is the name of this book. If you are looking to read a book that can take you to another place in life and bring you back as if you were there, then what are you waiting for, turn the page...
  2. The Book Bazaar
    Hey everyone!!!! Here's a book I wrote and I really need some reviews, so yeah. Here it is. It's Free!!!! P.s. I wrote this when I was 11!
  3. The Book Bazaar
    I have a couple of new stories out in consecutive issues of Dark Dossier magazine, issues 56 and 57. Issue 56 features "Playmate," the dark mystery story of a man with personal regrets who seeks to help a mysterious disheveled woman who turns up each morning on his back lawn in a Florida...
  4. The Book Bazaar
    "Where Mythology meets Science" The lowest price on Kindle! Amazon - Buy Bala: The Immortal Indian Scientist Book Online at Low Prices in India | Bala: The Immortal Indian Scientist Reviews & Ratings -
  5. The Book Bazaar
    Hi All, Do we have any concept as mentioned in this book? I just came across this book recently and liked it a lot. It has a complete new concept based on our space scientist's life. The story is an absolute page turner, where an ordinary Indian space scientist Bala is challenged by a gangster...
  6. Queen of Swords

    An unexpected ruler will rise in the kingdom of Azulyria. Ivyssa is a brash, unrefined Hedarian woman who would rather practice archery than deal with politics. Though she claims to be unsuitable for this role, she accepts it with grace and honor. The selection process is a test of worthiness...
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  7. Writers' Cafe
    I'm writing a middle-grade mystery series (10 books) that's very plot-driven. Instead of trying to work past clues and facts into the content of the subsequent books, I'd like to create an introduction that gets my readers up to speed, something like a 2-page synopsis of what's come before. This...
1-8 of 8 Results