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  1. Mall Maze. The Breaker: Book 3, by Jack Kost.

    Friday the 13th. Unlucky for many. What should have been a routine adultery case ends with Seth Egan fighting for his life. Cut off from the world. With no way to call for help. Trapped in a place where the walls are coming down around him. As chaos reigns and the city burns … the hunters close in.
  2. Bad Blood. The Breaker: Book 2, by Jack Kost.

    No one is paying Seth Egan for his latest case. He keeps this one unofficial. Pro bono publico. Off the books. For him, this one is personal. A matter of bad blood. A woman with a grudge of her own leads Seth to a place where people vanish without trace. Money is the motive. Greed is the motivator.
  3. The Breaker: book 1, by Jack Kost.

    How do we choose our path and purpose in life? What makes us who we are? How do you know the one you love won’t hurt you? Or even try to kill you? In many cases … you don’t When Seth Egan starts working as a private detective, he knows he’ll make enemies. It goes with the territory. As Seth works on
1-10 of 10 Results