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  1. The Book Bazaar
    THE HOWLING TERROR AND OTHER LOVECRAFTIAN HORROR STORIES from Weird House Press is now out on Kindle. Four short Lovecraftian novels and the chilling title story, all of them centered round the Cthulhu Mythos and inspired by classics like The Shadow Over Innsmouth. And it's also available to...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    Seeking: cozy mysteries, paranormal women's fiction, light paranormal fiction Hi kboards! I'm a traditional publishing professional (8 years in the industry) currently working in cozy mystery marketing. I started my career in editorial before pivoting to marketing, and I find myself missing...
  3. Time Sneak: Emergence

    Brain trauma has rendered 21-year-old Emily colorblind. But the ability to see far more colors than the average person is hard-wired in her brain. As a test subject, Emily believes she can help CuraeCare Pharmaceuticals detect disease, save lives, and maybe even restore her color vision. While...
  4. The Book Bazaar
    What is it with the Ivydene Care Home for the Elderly? What goes on behind the closed doors there? The staff all look similar, and Great-Aunt Sarah -- bedridden and in her nineties -- keeps on insisting they are waiters and is scared of them. But if that's true, what exactly are they waiting...
  5. The Book Bazaar
    "Douggie gave out one final scream, inhumanly high and loud. And then he flailed backward out of terror and pain. The edge of the bank crumbled under him. The black lake slid around him, muffling his splashes." Three friends on a fishing trip are hoping to catch something really big. But they...
  6. Slipped Masks. A novel by Jack Kost.

    If you were insane, would you know it? How would you see the world if you were convinced you could transform into a wolf? A horrifying portrait of Clinical Lycanthropy. When the need for love and companionship becomes twisted into obsession, possession, jealousy, violence … and murder.
1-6 of 6 Results