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  1. Writers' Cafe
    I've seen some older posts regarding Wattpad and it looks like most members on here are staunchly against these platforms as they do not pay. But what if you're looking to build an audience through Wattpad or Royal Road? I understand majority of readers won't care to pay when they're fed a...
  2. Writers' Cafe
    Hi all! I run a cover shop for Ebooks on Etsy, please check it out! DarbyDesignsAU | Etsy
  3. Writers' Cafe
    Edit: I decided not to pay an editor to edit my Wattpad story, will write as I go. No point in spending money I don't have on a free platform. I am returning to Wattpad because a genre I want to write in is one of the widely read ones on there. I usually just write the story on Wattpad as I go...
1-3 of 3 Results