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  1. The Dissension Process

    Jamie is the lonely teen with a traumatic past, empowered with one of the most versatile abilities of her kind. Among her encounters with her malevolent brethren, she encounters a mysterious boy who exhibits powers similar to her own, fuelling her desire to learn more about him. But she soon...
  2. The Book Bazaar
    A century after the Magi of Earth found sanctuary in an underground Realm, Halfbreeds and other magicless outcasts are exiled back to Earth. As a powerless Fae/Human hybrid, Billie should fit right in. Except, she’s anything but powerless, making her a misfit among misfits. When her powers...
  3. The Undercover Saint

    Hiding in plain sight, Zeyla thought as she walked the streets of Downtown Houston. " My grace is sufficient", a soft voice compelled the troubled woman. Zeyla muttered, " not for me", and walked into the strip club. The Undercover Saint
  4. Writers' Cafe
    Hello! My name is Matt Hirsh and I am a professional Japanese to English translator cum editor. I am offering copyediting services for self-publishing authors in the fantasy, erotica, children's and YA, and speculative fiction. My rates vary from 0.003-0.0035 USD/w and I accept payment...
  5. Slipped Masks. A novel by Jack Kost.

    If you were insane, would you know it? How would you see the world if you were convinced you could transform into a wolf? A horrifying portrait of Clinical Lycanthropy. When the need for love and companionship becomes twisted into obsession, possession, jealousy, violence … and murder.
  6. The Book Bazaar
    Ravenous dragons descending at night, goblin hordes rampaging across the land, kingdoms collapsing; amidst this cyclone of chaos, one woman rises. Vyra has always dreamt of joining the renowned Silverclad Knights and becoming a great warrior. The kingdom needs every soldier it can get, having...
  7. The Book Bazaar
    Hi everyone! I am Rana, a young writer from Istanbul. As an art-history graduate, I am in love with YA fantasy romances that contains historical elements. So, here is my series. I am looking forward for your reviews and comments! Thank you Lights in the Shadow My website...
  8. The Book Bazaar
    I have a couple of new stories out in consecutive issues of Dark Dossier magazine, issues 56 and 57. Issue 56 features "Playmate," the dark mystery story of a man with personal regrets who seeks to help a mysterious disheveled woman who turns up each morning on his back lawn in a Florida...
1-10 of 10 Results