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Socrates and Soc
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A witty, breathtaking and educational adventure, "Socrates and Soc" takes a look into the past and present through the eyes of two identical 13-year-old boys who time-travel and trade places with the help of the magic stone, one of the boys being the ancient philosopher Socrates.
Although the duo may be from different centuries, 457 BC and 2004 AD, they share the same name and hail from the same city, Athens in Greece, and what's more, one of the boys happens to be the ancient philosopher Socrates.
An adventurous and compelling story for ages nine to eighteen, the book is peppered with humor, steeped in ancient Greek life, and guaranteed to equally amuse and amaze older readers.

"Socrates And Soc" Launches on April 13, 2021!!
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