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1,000 sales!

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I'm not sure I really believe it, and I may go back and calculate the numbers for the millionth time, but today I hit the 1,000 books sold mark--and that's pure sales, no inclusion of borrows or freebies.

I published my first book, The Eye of the Beholder, at the end of April this year, and my pie-in-the-sky soooper sekrit dream goal then was to sell 100 copies in a year.

I'm so grateful to my readers. I want to just keep thanking them over and over again. So thanks, readers. You're a seriously awesome bunch, and I still can't believe you handed over a few bucks of your hard-earned money to read something I wrote.

Now I'm off to drink some champagne with hubby to celebrate--and I also ordered myself a shiny new Kindle Paperwhite. Here's hoping 2013 is a fabulous year for all!
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Big congrats! After 6 months of trying I finally hit that milestone too.
That's great!
MJAWare said:
Big congrats! After 6 months of trying I finally hit that milestone too.
Woo hoo! You deserve some champagne too! ;D

Thanks, everyone, for the congrats. I've been so inspired by all your success stories, and you've all provided me with invaluable info. KB has been such a gift to me. I think I'd be drooling and weeping in the corner if not for all of you.
Well done! Thanks for sharing the good news!
Congrats! Bask in this moment, take a picture to commemorate it, and then sleep in tomorrow as a thanks to yourself for all your hard work. :D
Woohoo! Congratulations on hitting the 1k mark!!
Cool milestone. Congrats!  :)
Let's toast your next thousand!
Big congratulations, Nicole!! Nice timing just before the end of the year ;D Here's to the next 1000...
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