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I just re-skinned my K2.

I used the Decal Girl
Zen Revisited for the front,
and the
Zen for the back.

Zen Revisited is primarily black and red with a little gray and white.

Zen is primarily white (actually very light gray), red with a little dark gray and black.

Each design is the same, just one is light (light gray) and one is dark (black),.

Later I will list the opposites for sale in the sale section.
That will be a Zen front and a Zen Revisited for the back.

Maybe someone will like them.
If not I will hold onto them and maybe eventually swap them out for a change.

I personally prefer a darker front area, I think light fronts make the screen look smaller.

It is just a art/contrast effect of light and dark objects.

I also agree that it makes the screen fonts contrast a bit better.


If anyone wants me to take and post a pic let me know and I will do that tomorrow.

Eric (ELDogStar)

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No pictures? You do realize this is the KindleBoards Accessories section, don't you?
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