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Love's Many Roads - A Story of The Heart
From my blog:​

The premise:
Nikki Norman receives a letter from her sister, which states that their father is dying, and asks that she return home. What causes her to be reluctant at first is her last memory before leaving Vinewood, which still haunts her several years later. Somehow, she ends up on the road, heading home, knowing deep down that she's needed.

The Vinewood that she left is different from the one she returns to. The Delano family, headed by Demetrius Delano, has maliciously spread through the town of her childhood, which convinces her that she must remain and do what she can to become the antidote for the Delano disease. There are two parts of the disease she doesn't want to crush: Gina, who works at the hospital; and Adrian, one of Vinewood's detectives--who Nikki believes is too handsome for his own good.

Despite everything, Adrian walks down this road with Nikki. Together, they face Demetrius and whatever he can throw at them. Little do they know that this road they share will lead towards love.

A few notes:

My writing style:
Since this is 100 pages, the style I present for this novella is quick and to the point, but still (hopefully) with enough descriptions and inner conflict to give the reader something to imagine... feel.

My inspiration:
A quick little "Just so you know": On the Amazon page for this book, you will see that it says, "Lovers of daytime soap operas, this one's for you." The reason that I say that is simple: the male lead is played by none other than EJ (James Scott) from Days of Our Lives. I wrote this book during a time when I was wrapped up in the soap opera, back when it didn't seem so monotonous, as it does now. James was the primary reason that I watched it, which definitely makes him my inspiration for this book.

Warnings: (possible spoilers)
There is:

- a mentioning of "making love," but nothing is revealed
- a scene where the main character is almost raped
- some language, scene of drunkenness, violence throughout

Sample: (One of my favorite parts, when the main character is thinking about visiting her dad in the hospital. Enjoy!)

When I heard someone behind me clear their throat, I turned-expecting to see Lee, but nearly screamed when I saw Adrian instead.

"It's 4:30," he said, straightforward, putting his hands in his pockets. "They won't let you in to see him for another two hours; visitors are from 1:30-4:00 and 6:30-9:00. I know the ins and outs of the local hospital, and not only because my sister works there. I've been admitted a time or two."

"How did you know I was thinking about him?"

"Let's just say I know when someone doesn't want to reveal anything-they talk too much. Plus, I was watching your expression before we left, which was more or less the giveaway."

"Aren't you intuitive," I said and resumed my random walking.

"What can I say? I'm a detective, so I'm good at detecting." He waited a second before saying anything further, "Are you still hungry? I know a nice Italian bistro just around the corner from here. Nothing too extravagant. I don't think you're wanting to empty your banking account all in one day? Even the most serious shopaholics have a spending cap."

"That's the second time you've mentioned my finances today. Why should it matter to you what I spend or don't spend? If I waste away or blow up like a balloon?" I asked, stopping at the tail end of the car, drumming my fingers absently on the trunk while staring into the backseat. Realizing he hadn't answered, I began wondering if he was there, when suddenly he walked up beside me.

"Perhaps you don't know the fire you've started, Nikki, but it's one that you can't put out alone. Hell, I don't think even I can help extinguish it. My father isn't to be taken for a fool. When he finds out what you did today, by rescuing your family from their own personal collapse, he will take it as a personal blow. And he will find out, a fact which is a given, so I'm not going to try concealing your heroic deed, but I am trying to protect you. He is a dragon, capable of handing out so much damage that you'll literally feel like you're on fire, if he doesn't actually try that. Compared to him, no matter how much you want to deny it, you are holding nothing that you can use against him."

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