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1st sale!

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I woke up this morning to my first unknown sale! :) I have five total, but two were family, one was D.A. Boulter slaying my BBoS and one was me gifting to a reviewer. I know one sale is peanuts but it's a wonderful feeling to know someone, somewhere actually saw the cover, read the blurb and bought it.

Just had to share. Now back to your regularly scheduled meaningful conversations.

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Congrats! I think the first unknown sale is the sweetest of all.

Congrats, Samuel. The first of anything is always special.


I am only in my second month but the first sale is always great!

Congratulations Samuel!! Your hard work is starting to pay off.
Congrats!  The first one always feels good.  Love your cover.
Congrats! You made me start the day with a smile :)
Keep us posted when you reach 1000! And 10,000... and 100,000...
I just love reading those posts!
The *first* sale is exciting. Here's wishing you many more.

That's awesome -- I'd suggest you celebrate in some way!
Congrats! You are now officially a pro writer, sir.
It's a cool feeling, right?  You think 'holy crap, someone I don't know saw my book and bought it!'


-jb 8)
Happy you. It is a wonderful feeling!

Hehe... "one sale is peanuts" - I love that.
jimbronyaur said:
It's a cool feeling, right? You think 'holy crap, someone I don't know saw my book and bought it!'
That was my exact thought :)
Samuel Thews said:
That was my exact thought :)
I agree, that's fun.
Congrats, Samuel. I have the distinct feeling that many more will follow.
Congratulations.  Its a great feeling when that happens.  It makes you wonder who it was and where they are and why they picked it up.  Wait until you get an international sale or two.  Then you can tell everyone your an international selling author.
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