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Each year, we sponsor a charity writing competition. This year, our contest will benefit is an online charity that connects donors with classrooms in need. All around the country, public schools struggle under increased pressure and reduced budgets. Innovative teachers often find themselves reaching into their own pockets to buy even the most basic supplies for their classrooms. Through, you can support education in your own community by supporting exciting projects that stimulate your minds and encourage them to excel.

By making a donation to of $5 or more, you may enter up to five short stories in this year's writing competition. Please make sure to read the submission guidelines before donating to make sure your donation gets credited for purposes of the contest.

Grand Prize
$50 Gift Certificate

2nd Place
$50 Gift Certificate

3rd Place
$50 Gift Certificate​
Complete submission guidelines can be found on our website.

If you are a indie author or publisher that would like to co-sponsor this year's contest or donate an addition prize for the competition, please email me directly at jdawson(at)bardsandsages(dot)com.
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