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2015 Goodreads reading challenge

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We're more than a month in, how are you doing?

I've set my goal to 150 books. I think its about what I'll read this year. Mostly I really want to get better at documenting what I read. I'm currently 2 books behind schedule according to it, but I expect I'll be ahead of schedule by the end of the week. (Yay school vacation week!)
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I am 4 books ahead, but I like to set it lower than I think. I set it at 120 and I can always add more as it gets later in the year. The last 3 months of 2014 were horrible for me as I was in a total slump so barely made it with what I set in the beginning of the year. I hope this year goes smooth.

Its really nice to see all the nice books with their nice covers in one place later in the year when I check.
I am currently 6 books ahead of schedule!'s unusual for me to be that far ahead. I love being able to keep track of books read on the website. It gets harder and harder to remember if I've read a book or just wanted to but haven't yet.  I'd like to remember to make notes about each book as I read them, but I usually rate them from my kindle when I finish so I never remember to go back in and make notes for myself.
I'm not participating formally.  I've not kept track of what I've read, really, since grade school when you had to for a grade. ::)

But I just did a quick check and I have read 12 books so far. Well, one was a DNF.

It is easy to count if you rate it from your Kindle and let it go to GR. Just sort by date finished and it's easy to count.
I set my goal at 75 which is lower than last year cause I figured I would be busy with my daughter graduating. I am only one book ahead : ( but we have been busy with scholarships.
I don't have an official goal this year, but I've read 20 books so far, with 1 DNF. Last year I think the total was about 120, the year before was 150 (IIRC). Given that I've gotten incredibly bored with the offerings on television, this may be a banner year for reading.

I'm not participating formally, either. And I feel like I have been in a  reading slump since about Thanksgiving. But going back and checking, I see that in 2015 I have read 12 books plus a DNF and one "book" that ended up to be more of a pamphlet at 24 pages.

I've been saying I would start another 80 books thread this year, but related to my slump, which now doesn't really look like a slump to me, I may reconsider. But if I don't get the thread started by the end of February I'll give up on the idea!
My goal is 125 books & I'm currently 7 books ahead of schedule. I'm sure I won't stay ahead for too long...  I tend to start off strong & then fizzle out later in the year.  ???
I never tracked my books...too lazy.  But the current integration makes it so easy...  I'm in at 75 books and have read 7 so far.  Haven't read much in Feb yet...

I've set my goal to 90 and at the moment I'm 9 books ahead (21 read).

I love the GR integration to keep track of books. :)
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