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There's a Facebook thing going around, where people are noting "25 random things" about themselves on their Info pages. I've learned some surprising things about some of my friends, and thought this would be fun to do here.

So, what are 25 random things about you?

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I'll start!

1. My favorite toy of all time is Lego. Not the new fancy pieces. Just bricks.

2. My first paying job was mowing the nine greens at the town's golf course, for $7 each Saturday. Other paying jobs: gas jockey, river guide, library book-sorter, programmer, and project manager.

3. I have lived in Lytton BC, Vancouver BC, Boise ID, Honolulu HI, Regina SK, Saskatoon SK, Helena MT, Montgomery AL, and Bellingham WA.

4. Career pivot-point: In 1980 my dad bought a Radio Shack TRS-80, and my brothers and I started learning to program in BASIC. I changed my major to computer science the next fall. I'm grateful that my dad's interest in this "new technology" led me to a field that I really love.

5. Best career advice I got was from a friend who talked me into joining the university's Co-op program. I learned that you can excel at a job even if you are a so-so student.

6. It took me nine years to earn my Bachelor's degree.

7. I am a middle child, an eldest son, a Virgo, and was born in the Chinese year of the Tiger. The stereotypes for each of those fit me exactly.

8. When my first daughter was born, I was so excited about all the things I could teach her. Ha! I had no idea that nineteen years later I would still be learning from her.

9. If I have a knack at work, it is that I enjoy solving puzzles.

10. I am a champion of the underdog. Evidence: I run a website for Microsoft Zune in my spare time.

11. I have learned a lot from my brothers and sisters, and I love them fiercely, and I should tell them that sometime, but we're Canadian, you know, and that is not likely to happen.

12. Reading is my comfort food.

13. Carrie and I picked Bellingham "off the map" - literally. We were on a project in Alabama, and I wanted to live back in the northwest, close to my daughter Celeste. My job requires travel, and Bellingham has the most northwestern airport in the lower 48. Thankfully, Carrie was willing and adventurous. We subscribed long-distance to the Herald for a few weeks, decided this was the place for us, and moved here in February 1997.

14. For the past twelve years, I have worked out of my home. My various supervisors have been 2,800 miles away, in Virginia. Sometimes that is still too close.

15. One of the great joys in my life is making my wife and daughters laugh.

16. I have two must-see movies every Christmas: It's a Wonderful Life, and Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas.

17. I will go to great lengths for a small amount of praise.

18. Unfortunately, my employer and my wife have figured #17 out.

19. My track record of choosing Christmas gifts for my wife is very poor. (I actually spent a lot of time picking out that office chair.) Now, Carrie just gives me a list of SKUs.

20. Whenever Carrie sings a song, I jump in and harmonize loudly. I cannot help it. And I do not know how to harmonize.

21. My fortune cookies always come true.

22. I have been to just two countries so far (Canada and US). I'm a citizen of both. Number of provinces I've been to: 10. Number of states I have been to: 42.

23. Carrie is 118 days older than me. But, really, sometimes she is just so silly.

24. Some of the people I consider my lifelong friends are also people I haven't spoken with in five, ten, fifteen years. It's a guy thing, I think.

25. One night at dinner, we were trying to describe each other with "one word". Sarah and Hannah conferred briefly, and came back with "loving" for Carrie, and "encouraging" for me. Thanks, girls. I'll take that, gratefully.

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I got poked with this on Facebook but haven't done it yet.  If I do it here, I can copy it for Facebook!  I'm not sure there are 25 random things to tell about me....OK I did it, wasn't easy....

1.  I played the clarinet when I was in school.  Haven't touched it since my first year of college.

2.  I ran track.  I once did a 24 hour relay as part of a 9 woman team where each woman ran a mile then passed a baton to another runner.  We did 21 miles each in the 24 hours.

3.  I think I took 8 years to get my bachelor's, the last four at night school.  I finished with a math degree.

4.  I have one brother who is three years older.  We share a perverse sense of humor.

5.  I love chocolate in almost all forms.

6.  I hate peanut butter, which keeps me safe in the midst of salmonella scares.

7.  I collect teddy bears.  Ones you can play with, not collectibles (mostly).

8.  I think the only state I haven't been to is Idaho.  Gotta look at Canada to see where I haven't been there.

9.  My husband and I drove to Alaska in 1995 in an RV we bought for that purpose.  It was our first trip in the RV.

10.  I was born in Washington, DC, so I've only gotten about 15 miles away.

11.  I spent more on my sewing machine than I did on my first car.

12.  In my checkered college career I was also a Spanish major and spent a summer travelling in Spain.

13.  I looked up cousins I'd never met in Slovenia.  We just went up to the door and knocked.  I said in Slovenian "my grandmother was Johana Merhar"  which was about all the Slovenian I knew.  Meeting them was an incredible experience I'll never forget.

14.  I think the first book I read was Green Eggs and Ham.  I would read anything, including cereal boxes.  Anything except assigned reading.

15.  The only assigned reading I fully read in all of my public school and college years was Pride and Prejudice.  And I liked it so you'd think I would have read more.

16.  My English teacher in high school once read one of my papers to the class as an example of how good a paper can be when you've read the book.  (I hadn't.)

17.  I had a poodle named Chips when I was in junior high school.

18.  My first full time job was at the Pentagon.

19.  I like almost any kind of puzzle--sudoko, crossword, those things where you have to get one part off.

20.  My first car was a Volkswagen Beetle.

21.  My husband and I have five cars right now.  We've had more.

22.  I'm twenty years younger than my husband.

23.  I'm the one that packs the car when we travel.  Has something to do with being good at puzzles.

24.  We've driven cross country four times in the last ten years (two round trips, two one way then flew back.  I guess that's really six times....)

25.  I love driving on race tracks (though I've not raced--just club track events).  Best track:  Monza, Italy, where they have the Italian Grand Prix.  In a rented Alfa Romeo.

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Okay here is mine:

1.  I never knew what love was until I held my son for the first time.
2.  I married my best friend, who is six years younger than me on 7/7/07.
3.  I've lived in California my whole life.
4.  I live in a house of 12 people and 9 animals.
5.  I teach Virtual School.  Basically a web based homeschool.
6.  I love Disneyland and go about twice a month.
7.  I named a star after my son.
8.  I graduated top of my High School Class.
9.  My first job was when I was 15 selling jeans at a swamp meet.
10. I am a domestic abuse survivor, left my sons abusive biological father(who lives in jail now) when my son was 3 months old. 
11. I write in my free time.
12. When I was five I was given my first pet/cat, Bambi.  Who died ten years ago.  I now have a cat named Thumper.
13. Hummingbirds are my favorite, reminds me of my grandpa.
14. I collect watches (Have many old Mickey Mouse watches)
15. I'm a pack rat.
16. I treasure a ceramic turtle my son gave me that he used his own birthday money to buy me when he was four years old for Christmas.
17. My favorite color is blue.
18. Every two years I cut most of my hair off to donate it to Locks of Love.  Done it three times now.
19. My initials are B.O., sad but true.
20. I hate driving.
21. I'm addicted to lemons and salt.
22. I dress my Kindle better than myself.
23. I'm a cubscout den leader.
24. My birthday is a holiday (July 4th).
25. I have a older and younger sister, so yep I'm a middle child.

I have been very blessed in my life.  Many wonderful people in my life.

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I'll play....
I've been thinking about this since it's going around FB but I have not been tagged yet.  At least now I'm ready.

1.    I use to breed fish and sell them to pet stores.  I raised bettas, guppies, sword tails, plecos, and cory cat.  There was a time when I had 14 fish          tanks filled with 410 gallons of water and 114 individual bowels of bettas in my home.

2.  When I was in my late 20’s,  I owned and ran an after-hours nightclub. 

3.  While we were remodeling the nightclub and before our grand opening… a Wal-Mart employee refused to sell me 5 gallons of jet black high-gloss exterior house paint without first calling my husband to ask permission.  I wonder if the fact it was 3 o’clock in the morning had anything to do with it. ::)

4. Until I was 38, I lived in Southern Illinois, never further than 20 miles from my birthplace. 

5.  In the last 4 years I have lived in Springfield IL, Missoula MT (2x), Wailuku HI, Kihei HI, Honolulu HI, Huntington WV, and Tulsa OK.  Guess you could say I’m making up for lost time.

6.  I married a male stripper.  I'm 42 and my parents still don’t know this.  :eek:

7.  I once lived in a haunted house.

8.  My claim to fame…I once bounced off the chest of Smokin’ Joe Frazier and made him take 2 steps back.  My husband likes to say I mowed him down.  I still don’t know how I got past his bodyguards.  I was storming through Wal-Mart arguing with my husband and not paying any attention to where I was going!  :-[

9.  My Great-Grandfather owned a speakeasy during prohibition. 8)

10.  I had a rich uncle that died and left me a bunch of money.  He stipulated in his will that I had to use it to travel and go to college. 

11  By the time I was 18, I had made 2 trips to Europe.  I saw England, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Greece and the Netherlands. 

12.  That money put me through 6 years of college.  When I graduated, I only owed $700 in school loans and I had spent every penny he gave me just the way he wanted.  Thank you Uncle Leonard. :-*

13.  I have a BS in Interior Design.

14.  My first paying job was when I was 13 years old.  I computerized the entire membership list for a buyer’s club.  I got the job because I was the only person that knew how to use an Apple II e.

15.  I’m an only child.

16.  I was named after my Great-grandmother…Assunta…which is Susan in Italian. 

17.  I have never been called Susie or a Sue.  My father calls me Suz.  That’s my only nickname.

18.  I am Italian, American Indian and Irish.

19.  My favorite beer is Dos Equis. 

20.  I’ve been to 41 states. 

21.  I grew up singing in the church choir but I will not sing karaoke.  I have shy vocal cords!

22.  When I get mad, I cry.  It makes me angry that I can't stop doing this. :-[

23.  I was a tomboy growing up.  I was the only kid in the entire neighborhood that had a complete football uniform.  We would divvy it up when we played.

24.  I have food texture issues.  I can’t stand everything to be mushy, there has to be some crunch, too.  Example…tuna salad can only be eaten on crackers or toast not soft white bread.

25.  I mentioned earlier that my first job was when I was 13.  I’ve worked every year until 3 years ago when I quit to start traveling with my husband and his job.  In that entire time I only had 4 employers…5 if I count myself.


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1.  My  name is Linda and my brother’s name is Richard.  Our parents’ names are?  Linda and Richard.  DO NOT GIVE YOUR KIDS YOUR FIRST NAMES – they will have issues!

2.  I lived in sin with my husband for 11 years before we were married.  We’ve been happily married three years this April; we weren’t nearly as happy when we were unwed as we are now.

3.  I was first on stage at age three as one of the King’s children in the King and I.  For many years I thought I’d auditioned and was cast because I was such an obviously gifted performer.  Later in life I realized I probably never auditioned at all; my mom was in the show and I bet she got them to cast me so she wouldn’t have to pay a babysitter!  The King was played by Ricardo Montalban; Anna was played by Janet Blair.

4.  I have a 200+ piece collection of McCoy pottery from the 40s and 50s boxed in my garage that I need to get rid of somehow because my decorating style has moved on from shabby chic.  I collected most of this pottery during an 18-month period about eight years ago and I haven’t displayed it in nearly four years since we moved into a contemporary/zen style house.

5.  I usually write long sentences.  Don’t know why – it’s just my style.

6.  I was the Secretary of my local chapter of The Yorkshire Terrier Club of America for one year.  It was a long year.

7.  I’m asked fairly frequently if I’m an only child – and I’m not!  My brother gets asked the same thing. Apparently my mother raised two only children.  We’re ten years apart, that partially explains it.

8.  I tend to daydream about things I’d like to happen, and then my dreams come true!

9.  I’m Mexican, Filipino, Spanish, French, and Belgian.  A relative on my maternal grandmother’s side was Carlota, the last Empress of Mexico.  She was Belgian and French.  I never knew why my Mexican grandmother was so fair-skinned with light hair.  After she died and I explored my heritage and it all made sense!

10.  My wedding gift from my husband was the deed to the house my grandparents had lived in for over 50 years.  It had gone out of our family after my grandparents died.  My husband bought it back for me and we got married in the backyard of that house with both our families and friends around us five weeks after we closed escrow.  I will never appreciate anything more.

11.  I underutilize every electronic gadget I own.  I probably use each one every day, I just don’t use all but the most basic features of each device.

12.  I swear too much but am profoundly spiritual.

13.  When I was 22 I was in a car accident: according to numerous witnesses my jeep rolled three complete revolutions over a four lane highway.  No one ran to the jeep when it came to rest because they all assumed I’d be dead, or at least severely mangled.  Other than soft tissue injuries that caused me severe shoulder pain for about two years I was fine.  After it healed I sort of missed not being able to predict rain (my shoulder ached in advance of rain.)  And YES, your life DOES flash before you.  Like a Viewmaster from the 60s is what happened to me.  I’m not kidding.

14.  At 19 I was an illusionist’s assistant in a Donn Arden show in Reno, NV.  I was paid more for my ten minutes onstage than the topless dancers who graced the stage most of the show.  This p*ssed them off.  I will not share the secrets of the illusions I know to this day.

15.  I always give my pets people names.

16.  My homes are decorated with mounted animals and scented candles.

17.   I give tours of a historic home in Malibu.  My title is docent.  I love that title.

18.   I am a pretty good Mah Jongg player!

19.  The second half of my life has been a magical series of fortuitous events.  My childhood was actually quite traumatic, so I’m making up for lost time.

20.  I’m an annual passholder at Disneyland and one week last year I visited three times!  I try to go at least once a month.

21.  I cry more than anyone I know; I laugh more than most people I've met.

22.  I read and enjoy everything from Rumi to The National Enquirer.

23.  I spend A LOT of time alone and I love it.  I’m an only child, remember?  NOT!

24.  I love to sing and I have a beautiful singing voice.  I sang background on tons of commercials and albums as a child.  My speaking voice could use improvement though – too shrill!

25.  If you swear me to secrecy I WILL NEVER TELL A SOUL.  I am the keeper of many peoples' secrets and I'm very proud of this character attribute because it is contrary to my general persona.


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1. My ancestors came to New York in 1664 with a grant from the King. They named their new home Islip after their home in England. In NY it's pronounced I-slip (long I) but in England they say Is-lip (short i).

2. I visited Islip, England and saw where my ancestors were buried.

3. There is a bay and a road with my family name still on Long Island. Although I grew up there, there aren't any Nicolls left on LI.

4. When I got married, I kept my name. My children have my last name (because of the aforementioned ancestors). I was the end of the line.

5. I have always wanted to be a nurse, since I was about 3. I went to college and got my bachelor's degree in four years.

6. I went back to college in 1978 and spent the next 13 years in school and picked up three more degrees.

7. I met my husband in July and married him 11 months later. My mother thought I was making the biggest mistake of my life. We celebrated our 30th anniversary in June, 2008 (married in 1978).

8. I made my first trip to Europe (Italy) in 1971. Since 1995, I have gone to Europe at least annually. In 2009, I am going to Switzerland and am toying with the idea of going to Finland -- Finland would complete my life list of Scandinavian countries.

9. The only states in the US I haven't seen are Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Arkansas, and North Dakota.

10. My first job was at McDonald's.

11. My first computer was an Osborne 1. I had to take out a $1500 loan from the bank to buy it. We still have it in the attic. I have one of the external monitors that attaches to it -- only 300 were made. I also have a complete collection of "The Portable Companion."

12. I had to save for a year to buy a printer for the Osborne 1, which also cost $1500. It took me a year to figure out the dot commands in WordPerfect to make something be underlined.

13. Except for a two year exile in Chicago, I have always lived in the Northeast, usually within 10 miles of the ocean (college was the exception for that).

14. My first car was my grandmother's 1966 Ford Fairlane which I nicknamed "White Bullet." The first car I bought was a brown Datsun B-210.

15. My current car is a 2005 Saab 9-3 that we bought at the ANA Saab dealership in Trollhatten, Sweden, the largest Saab dealer in the world.

16. I don't have any food allergies but I refuse to eat beets and brussels sprouts.

17. I started my own business on November 1, 2001. It was a bit of fallout from 9/11. I realized I hated the job I was in, hated the Dean, and decided that "life's too short" to put up with this nonsense.

18. I have two children and they make me happy every single day, even when they are driving me nuts!

19. We live in the third oldest house in Westbrook, Maine. It was built in Massachusetts in 1803. (Figure that one out!)

20. I believe in reincarnation and have memories of at least one of my past lives.

21. I had my first book published in February, 1986, when I was 30. It is in its fourth edition and has been in print continuously since it was first published. My latest book comes out in a few weeks.

22. I dream of writing fiction, but alas, not yet.

23. In 1999 and 2000, I did the 3-Day, 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. My husband did it in 2001. Between us, we raised over $15,000 for the three walks.

24. I got my first (and probably only) tattoo on March 11, 2008. It was in memory of Heath Ledger -- it is the maple leaf that he had on his hand (mine is on my back right shoulder). I had wanted a tattoo for years and never could decide on a design....and then the decision was made for me.

25. Along with number 24, I have this tendency to get crushes on movie stars. My first was Robert Redford, then Richard Gere. The latest is Hugh Jackman. When we were first married, my husband would get jealous (I put Richard Gere pictures on the refrigerator! LOL) but then he learned there was an -- ahem -- added side benefit. He stopped complaining years ago.


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I don’t know if there are 25 things about me to list.  I’m so deep, most of it is buried ... thankfully.

1. My favorite toy of all time is my red-haired Ginny doll, which I still have.  Maybe that’s what started my love of Harry Potter. 

2. Harvey’s “river guide” photos are burned into my brain. 

3. I have lived in New Jersey and South Florida. 

4. The  Radio Shack TRS-80 was my first computer..  I also learned to program in BASIC and COBOL.  I was always the computer guru at work, and I loved to make standard programs stand up and tap dance.  Now I’m retired and I’ve lost the knack. 

5.  I loved school and I still love to learn new things.  If I could I would still be taking courses.

6. I went to the University of Miami for two years and got my Bachelor’s degree 25 years later.

7.  I am an only child and dreadfully spoiled.  At one time, I had over 125 dolls. 

8.  I am a Scorpio born in the year of the Monkey.  That is supposedly a recipe for suicide, but I’m having too much fun. 

9.  I’m not leaving (see #8) until I can figure out a way to take Little Gertie with me.

10.  I’m the only person my age that I know that still has both parents living.

10. My paternal grandfather was a flutist in Victor Herbert’s orchestra for many years.  Without knowing that, my grandson chose to play the flute in his school band.  I should write to  Maybe we could do a commercial

11.  I was in Carousel with Dick Haymes and met Milton Berle after one of our performances.  And don't think I had any kind of big role.  I was one of the Snow children.

12.  I couldn’t possibly tell you why I love reading; I just do. 

13.  My favorite author is Susan Howatch (no, not JKR or DG).

14.  My den is also my “toy” room with all my Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Harry Potter stuff. 

15.  I was a child model (feet in jammies with the flap in the back). 

16.  I love the holidays; Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day. 

17.  I still own over 100 vinyl albums, but I threw out my collection of about 300 45's. 

18.  I have two beautiful daughters, both of whom gave me beautiful grandchildren (one boy, one girl). 

19.  In 2002, I got my paralegal certificate.  I loved working as a paralegal and I absolutely loved my bosses and the people I worked with. 

20.  I am domestically impaired and my kids know that when the smoke alarm goes off, dinner is done.  Kidding.  I used to be a good cook and loved cooking.  Now, I don’t have to cook for anyone but me, and I have too many other things to do that I also love.

21.  My maternal grandfather was a tailor and my grandmother was a seamstress.  They met when she was working for him.  I love to sew, but haven’t done anything in a long time.  Getting back to it is one of my goals. 

22.  I have traveled to Ireland, Australia, Italy and England.  My late DH would only go places that had greyhound racing. 

23.  I love B&W movies.  My favorite film noir is Laura.  I’m watching the original D.O.A. with Edmund O’Brien right now. 

24.  My grandson just gave me a lesson in physics (potential and kinetic energy) when he dropped a package of juice boxes. 

25.  I love being retired.  It might be nice to have more time to myself.  On the other hand, my time is mostly spent being with my family, which is the best place to be.


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25 Things About Me
1. I am the second of 4 children and grew up with the typical middle child syndrome.
2. I played the flute in middle school and college - haven’t touched it since.
3. I am a preacher’s daughter, and grew up teaching Sunday School, and held several offices in youth groups.
4. After my daughter left for college, I discovered I love to cook and am pretty good at it, at least my family and friends think so.
5. I have gone back to school to get a master’s in my 40’s and start a second career.
6. I am a computer geek - and a girl.
7. When I was growing up and would run out of things to read, I would read the encyclopedias my parents had.
8. I am 2 years older than my husband.
9. I have been married to the same wonderful man for almost 24 years.
10. We got our marriage license on Valentine’s Day.
11. I don’t mind talking to people one on one, but tend to clam up in a group.
12. I enjoy a trashy romance novel every now and then.
13. My personal philosophy is that there is no such thing as too much chocolate.
14. I hate roller coasters and other such rides.
15. I am scared of heights.
16. I hate housework and look forward to the day I can hire it done.
17. I would rather sit inside and read a good book, even on a pretty day.
18. I prefer watching crime dramas over sitcoms.
19. I used to want to be in medicine until I discovered I get sick at the sight of blood.
20. My husband and I met the July after I graduated from college, got engaged in October, and married in March.
21. I am left-handed, but can do most things, except write, with either hand.
22. I get extremely nervous when I have to talk in front of people, but most say they can’t tell.
23. I cook with alcohol often, but don’t drink.
24. I love to shop for shoes.
25. I don’t swim and am scared of the water

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Here goes... hope I can come up with 25. Great idea Harvey, I have enjoyed reading these and feel I know each of you a little better.

1. I was on our high school dance team, "The Marengo Maids"

2. I graduated from the same high school as my Mama and Grandmother (Ma-Maw)

3. My first job was at Vanity Fair sewing leg elastic on panties

4. I became a Mother at 17, they placed my daughter on my belly and I knew what love was

5. I lost my Dad on Father's Day and I knew what grief was (totally unexpected)

6. I feel very blessed to still have my Mama at age 82

7. I was 29 and the Mother of two daughters when I got my nursing degree

8. I collect McCoy pottery

9. I have 2 beautiful daughters, 1 grandson and 3 grandaughters who are the light of my life

10. I am the oldest of 4, 1 brother and 2 sisters

11. My daddy named me..Linda Carol

12. I love challenges and learning

13. I was 44 when I met my soul mate and love of my life, Jay

14. I am 9 years older than Jay but he is 9 years more mature than I am

15. I love to walk in the rain

16. Jay & I dance in the kitchen sometimes when we are cooking and a favorite song is playing

17. I love the smell of fresh baled hay, rain, Alabama clay, babies and puppy breath

18. I love the sound of rain on a tin roof, windchimes, birds singing and my loved ones voices

19. I could sit and watch hummingbirds for hours, love dragon flies

20. One of my secret wishes was that I could sing (not with spasmodic dysphonia)

21. Having Dystonia has been a blessing in my life

22. I would rather be outside than inside and I enjoy being alone

23. Reading takes me away, music is a passion also

24. I always tell the people I love, I love you when I see them or talk to them on the phone, email. I am a compassionate person.

25. I am a domestic violence survivor and my oldest daughter Angie is also

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1.  I am the oldest of at least 7. 
          Mom and Biodad had me.
          Mom and Adopted dad had Joshua. 4 years younger.
          Mom and Stepdad had  Jes, Jules, and Mike.  Jess 16 years younger, Jules and Mike 17 years younger.
          Adopted dad and mom had Rach and Erin.  Rach is 2 months older than my oldest, and Erin is 2 years younger than 
                      my youngest.
          Biodad- no clue never in 36 years have contact

2.  Been married for 16 years this coming Tuesday. Which for our age group and friends, and how young we got married is a long time.

3.  I was in the Air Force.  I had two career fields Air Traffic Controller (Tower) and then Computer operator, where I gained my love for all things electronic.  I got out 9 years ago for being fat but was Honorably Discharged.  I am still bitter to a point about it.

4.  I completed my Elementary Education degree in 2 years.  90% of my general education (English, math) were taken in 18 months through the on base college terms.

5.  I went to Israel for two months in high school.  Completely changed my life.  I went to Italy on the governments time to help with the NATO missions in Kosovo.

6.  I now live in what I feel is my own personal hell.  Montgomery, AL.  I hate it here.  Every time I try to find something good about 10 negative things will smack the happy thoughts.  This place is full of racism in every form.  Did I mention I hate this place?  But I have lived in my own personal paradise--Grand Forks, North Dakota.  We lived there 13 years.  Pretty good for a military family (not supposed to live in one place too long).  I've also lived in Maryland, Miami, Texas (basic training), Mississippi (tech school), and San Bernadino, CA.  The only states I haven't been to Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, and Alaska.

7.  I'm 36 with two teenage girls (14 (almost 15) and 13(just turned)).  They are the loves of my life.  We homeschool because the system in Montgomery is terrible.

8.  I have a miniature pinsher who is sleeping in my lap under my shirt right now.  He thinks I gave birth to him.  I call him my son.  He weighed only a pound when I got him, he was the runt and getting beat on my his brothers.

9.  I am an on-line gamer.  Come April I will have been playing EverQuest 1 for 10 years.  I started playing World of Warcraft this summer.  I have tried many other MMORPG's but none stuck to me like EQ.

10.  I love to write college papers.  It makes my sisters sick how fast I can turn out a 4 page essay.  Used to do it about 2 hours before class.

11.  My avatar is Flowers in the Attic.  I was in 10th grade English class and saw it on the book shelf.  I took it home finished in 3 days (only because school got in the way).  I was hooked on reading.  I've read all the VC Andrews books that she wrote.  I don't care for the ones the family wrote after her passing. 

12.  I took me 36 hours to read the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Blasted family made me cook, shower and brush my teeth!

13.  I work the hardest shift at a major shipping company.  I see 100's of boxes a day and let me tell you cardboard stinks and is dirty, very dirty.  I have to go home and scrub with a brush to get the dirt off.

14.  I'm a klutz.  And with my job and running into many boxes I'm always bruised, bumped or cut. 

15.  My desire right now is to either get back to North Dakota or to Alaska.  I would just about kill to get to Europe as a teacher but I'd have to leave the hubby behind for 2 years till he retires. 

16.  Favorite movies in no order:  Titanic, LotR extended versions, Star Wars, Grease 1 & 2, Xanadu, Office Space, Twilight, Practical Magic, The Craft.

17.  My husband and I were both born on Andrews Air Force Base in MD.  Two years apart.

18.  My oldest daughter, my husband and I all have birthdays in May.  The youngest decided she wanted to be born in December!  She's the odd child.  Born in the odd month, she's unbelievably tiny compared to dad, sis and me. 

19.  I am looking for my biological dad, because there are questions that need to be answered.

20.  I'm thinking of going back to school to get my masters in special education, my secondary education bachelors, or a nursing degree.

21.  I love history.  Most people find it boring, but I cannot get enough.  AUM has over 100 history courses they offer.  I wish I could afford to take them all.

22.  I am a Taurus and Water Rat.  Which is why not getting my renewal on my teaching job because she didn't like so much more irritating.

23.  I loathe stupid drivers.  No really I totally understand road rage.  I've never acted upon it, but I can see why it happens.  I really want a paint gun so I can tag stupid drivers.  And yes even my car would be tagged.  I cuss myself out when I do something stupid.

24.  For 8 years I spent every Saturday a drag racing track because that's what my stepdad did.  Living on Gunter Annex we live about 1.5 miles south of Montgomery's track.  I love the sounds!  My parents moved from Hollywood, FL to West Palm Beach about 5 miles from the track we used to go to all the time.

25.  I kick myself daily now that I'm waiting for my Kindle for not buying it when I first saw the thing!  I hate having to wait.

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I'll play!

1- I was born and raised in Monterey/Carmel California and have since lived in Davis, CA; Rocklin, CA; Pullman, WA; and Seattle, WA.

2- I've lived in Oregon only 3 years, but I feel like it's my home state. I love the Northwest.

3- My husband and I dated for 7 years before we got married (at 27) , not because anything was wrong, we just were finishing school and getting settled.

4- Our honeymoon was backpacking around Europe for 8 weeks. It was an amazing trip!

5- Three years later we took another big trip- 5 weeks in SE Asia. Mostly Thailand and Cambodia, with a few days stop in Hong Kong. We fell in love with Cambodia.

6- I'm a Sign Language Interpreter and I think it's the best job ever.

7- When we were in Cambodia we visited a school for the Deaf. It was an amazing experience! It was the first school in the country and it wasn't opened until 1996... before then there was no common signed language, just home-sign. When they started the school they decided to use American Sign Language until a native Khmer Sign Language naturally developed. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences.

8- I have a son, Maximus, who will be 3 in March (but looks about 4 already!) who is absolutely the love of my life. He's so much fun.

9- My son was born at home (yes, intentionally) in a big bath in our family room. It was an incredible experience and we'll do it again with our next child, whenever that is!

10- I've always loved kids and used to work as a school age child care teacher, and then a nanny. I have often worked with special needs kids. It's funny how things change- Since becoming a parent I've drastically change my approach to kids, discipline, etc. We're pretty into Unconditional Parenting, Connection Parenting, etc. and I cringe at some of the ways I used to interact with the kids I worked with. Nothing terrible at all, but just not in line with the way I do now.

11- We're hoping to have another child soon. Up until now Max has been enough- I couldn't imagine sharing my attention with another kid because he has been so entertaining and such a joy. Now I'm looking forward to seeing him be a big brother.

12- I used to do community theater-  I was always just in the chorus, but I loved it. My first shows were Grease, Funny Girl, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and The Wiz. I love me some musicals!

13- Around that time I did a few gigs as a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

14- I'm a huge Indigo Girls fan. I have been to several concerts and got back stage once and met them briefly. I love Amy Ray, but Emily's music is my favorite.

15- I also love John Denver. I had been to several concerts before he died. I was so sad when his plane crashed. Interestingly enough it crashed right off the Monterey Peninsula, where I grew up. I have been back and visited the place where he crashed, right off the beautiful coast of Pacific Grove.

16- I taught myself to sew and have spent the last 2 years primarily sewing kids supercapes for my etsy shop.

17- I'm going to close my Etsy shop soon- I'm tired of sewing supercapes. I want to sew other fun things.

18- I love to knit. I currently have several unfinished projects that i'm determined to get to in February.

19- I have always been an avid reader. We have pictures from when I was a kid reading in a tree, and even reading while swimming!

20- One of the big reasons I wanted a Kindle is so that I can read while I knit. Love it.

21- We watch entirely too much TV. We are careful about it with my son, but after he goes to bed my husband and I watch TV and play cards almost every night. And I'm a reality show addict. I confess.

22- I am a terrible housekeeper. I'm lazy and messy. I'd rather sit and read or play with my son than clean the kitchen... and I usually do. I'm very consciously trying to change that and I've had a great week of keeping up with laundry and reorganizing the house. I'm determined to keep it up.

23- I love games. I have a massive collection of board games, and grew up with fond memories of playing video games with my dad and brother. My husband and I like to play cards, strategy games, and video games together and I look forward to playing with Maximus when he's a little older.

24-I love camping, although I never really did much camping growing up. We're currently planning several trips around oregon for the summer.

25-I was raised mostly by my dad, who was a fantastic parent. Later we added on to my grandparents house and lived next to them. My grandparents had a huge influence on me and I'm so fortunate to have grown up close with them. My parents and grandma all moved up to Oregon to be closer to us and I'm thrilled that Maximus is growing up close to his grandparents, too. Even his great-grandma! He just calls her Great for short. :)


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I got tagged too.  So here's my list.  I really enjoy reading all your lists too.  Keep 'em coming!

1.  In H.S. I thought I wanted to be on the x-country team.  On the third day of practice I "sprained" my ankle and never went back!  (I did however continue to go to the trainer's room to get it taped for about a week…what can I say, the guy was cute!)
2.  I am the youngest of 7: five boys, two girls.  When my mom left for the hospital to have me, my sister threatened to run away from home if they brought home another boy.
3.  Had I been a boy my name would be Gary
4.  I love to sing, I just shouldn't sing.
5.  I met my husband Chris in Irvine Meadows  (Now Verizon Wireless Amphitheater)  at a Gene Loves Jezebel, Echo and the Bunnymen, New Order concert in 1987.  (Can we say KROQ  concert?)  I still have the ticket stub.
6.  I love to read trashy romance novels.  (This is why I love my Kindle e-book, so no one can see what I am reading!)
7.  I really like reality TV.  I mean the really bad stuff.  My favorites right now are Celebrity rehab with Dr. Drew” and “Sober House.”  Last summer I was hooked on “America’s Most-Smartest Model.”
8.  My kids know I had them, just so they will give me a lot of Grandchildren.  I like a big, crazy Christmas!
9.  I hate to admit that I love my minivan!
10.  My first job was at Carol's Calico Corner, a fabric shop where I took sewing lessons in high school.   My next job was at Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza.
11.  I took me 9 ½ years to graduate from college.  I just couldn't get past the foreign language requirement!  Spanish killed me, I finally started over with German and finished!
12.  I am left-handed, and so are many of my friends.  But I cut with my right, and bowl & play tennis with both.
13.  I am lazy and a procrastinator.  You have to give me a deadline or it won't get done.  And it won't ever get done early. 
14.  I used to drive fast.  Got a speeding ticket every year from ages  16 to 21.  But now that I have kids, I have slowed WAY down!  I am now the old annoying lady in the neighborhood that drives too slow!
15.  I hate talking in the phone.
16. I like liver and onions.
17.  I am stuck in my youth and pretty much only listen to 80’s music.
18.  I was a Debutante.  Had the ball, long white dress, the whole thing… and LOVED it!
19.  I am godmother to four of my beautiful nieces: Alana, Kalynn, Jessica and Madeline
20.  I am horrible at keeping in touch with people.   I don't call (see #15).
21.  I hate writing thank-you notes, and often don't.  (So “thank you” to anyone I owe one to.)
22.  I like to go camping.  Tent or RV.  Just not too often!  (Hotels are good too!)
23.  London is my all time favorite city.  San Francisco is my favorite in the USA.
24.  I think the DVR is one of the best inventions of the 21st century!  (Have I mentioned I love to watch TV?)
25.  I feel so good when I accomplish something or finish a task!  Like this one!

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1. I am not on Facebook. Or MySpace

2. We got our first computer when my son was 3 -- he'll be 26 this year -- ir had a HUGE hard drive: 21 Mb

3. I majored in math at a women's college when has since gone co-ed. Graduated in 1981.

4. Graduated top in my HS class. . .of 27.

5. I learned to drive a stick because my younger brother had fallen and needed to be taken to the emergency room and I was the only other one home and the old '62 Plymouth with the shifter on the steering wheel was the only one at the house.

6. I took a 'women in engineering' course one summer at the University of Maryland. . .got to 'fly' a training airplane.

7. My husband tried to teach me to water ski before we were married. I failed miserably.

8. We lived in Hawaii for 3 years and I had at least a dozen bathing suits, all different styles. By the time we left there were only a very few parts of me that weren't tanned.

9. My Christmas tree is still up. (edit: finally got it down on May 21 :D )

10. I play guitar, flute, piano, recorder, tin whistle, and bass: jack-of-all-trades; master of none. . . .

11. I love roller coasters but those I-max theaters that make you feel like you're flying make me sick to my stomach.

12. I went to the Papal Mass at Nationals Stadium in DC last April. We had seats on the field.

13. I'm in a movie. Flight of the Intruder staring Brad Johnson. Also had Rosanna Arquette and Willem Dafoe. It was filmed at the small base we lived in when were in Hawaii.

14. I'm eligible to be a member of the DAR. And also a 2nd generation Irish American.

15. My grandmother graduated high school in 1912. My mother and both of her sisters graduated college in the 40's.

16. I joined the Navy right after college and was an instructor at the Naval Nuclear Power School in Orlando Florida. I used to be able to draw the schematic for the reactor plant but I've forgotten it now (and if I hadn't I couldn't tell you or I'd have to kill you.)

17. My grandfather smuggled explosives for the IRA during the Easter Uprising in 1916. (I never told the Navy that. :) )

18. I can sit for hours and do what most people would consider 'nothing'. My husband totally does not understand this super power of mine. He can't sit still for 5 minutes.

19. We lived in Iceland for two years. . . .very cool place, in both senses of the word. Have not been back since we left there in '87 or so but would like to.

20. We also lived in England for 3 years. . .did I mention my husband was a Navy Officer?

21. Our first e-mail address was a bunch of numbers through Compuserve. My dad had 'won' a Mac in a silent auction and joined AOL; we were living in England and got what was available there so we could save money on overseas phone calls. This was around '94 or '95.

22. I've been skiing in the Alps. (Not as impressive as it sounds: we'd hiked up to Neuschwanstein the day before we had the ski lesson and my legs were like jelly. . . I fell down a lot.)

23. I have swum in the Dead Sea. Well, floated.

24. While we were in California we visited Death Valley. We were there around noon in August. Temp was 126 F. We took our sandwiches out of the bag to eat and the bread was like toast before we got finished eating half. We left there and drove as far up Mt. Whitney as one can go. . . there was snow on the ground.

25. I turn 50 this year. . .where's my AARP card? (edit: it arrived on my birthday :-\ )


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25 things about me:

1. I love guitar music, especially the sound of classical guitars, whether playing classical music or not. I also listen to a lot of symphonic music.

2. I do some computer gaming.... I'm a Tomb Raider junkie and also spend a fair number of hours with various flight simulators.

3. I tend to overuse parentheses (and have done so for many years). And, com,mas,too,,,,,.

4. I've been a vegetarian for 35+ years. It just seemed to be the thing I needed to do at the time and now I'm too lazy to change.

5. I play guitar. All types of music except rock and roll. I've built 3 classical guitars from scratch and always seem to have one or more electric guitars sitting around in various stages of modification. I wind my own pickups. At the moment, I have 13 guitars.

6. I like European sports sedans. My '97 turbo Volvo was recently totaled (not my fault!!) so I'm looking around for something else. It's down to another Volvo (comfortable, safe and fun) or a Civic (50% better gas mileage than the Volvo, but not nearly as comfortable for a six-footer).  I'm a pretty fair auto mechanic.

7. I’m an Army brat. I've lived in many states and in France. If I had my druthers, I'd live in New Mexico or Colorado in the mountains with a 10 mile drive to the nearest highway or neighbor. But only if it was otherwise just like living in town, heh.

8. I'm a photography buff. I had a darkroom in the house for many years, but I don't miss it now that I've converted to digital.

9. I've been a practicing Zen Buddhist for 40+ years (yes, someday I'll get it right and not have to practice any more!).

10. I'm a Lost junkie. I'm also a huge fan of Babylon 5, despite the sometimes embarassingly bad dialogue.

11. I'm a fan of mysteries and science fiction from the 1930-1970 era. Don't care that much for fantasy, with some exceptions.

12. I live alone, except for a cat or two. Large groups of strangers make me uncomfortable.

13. I bought my first computer in 1980. I taught myself programming in BASIC, C, Pascal and several really obscure languages. I use both Windows and Mac (and sometimes Linux) but prefer the Mac. I quit programming when it took more time to write the code to make the windows work right than it did to write the code to make the program perform its intended function.

14. I'm retired. The company I worked at for 35+ years shut down my entire department one day, and I found that I could afford to retire if I stayed on a budget, so I did. And I mostly do.

15. I'm a compulsive reader. I was sitting at a hospital checkout desk waiting for some paperwork to be finalized, and I started read the miscellaneous blank forms on the desk. Got a strange look from the person filling out the forms.

16. I have an iPod, but oddly enough, there's no music on it. It's filled with podcasts I listen to while I'm driving.  Well, that's true, but I do have another, much older iPod with a dead battery that has 3,000 tracks of guitar and symphony music on it, but I never seem to want to listen to that in the car.

17. My oven range broke and I lived for 6 years without it, getting by with my microwave and my toaster oven. Last year I finally bought a new range to replace the 40 year old one. That may the most revealing thing in this list.

18. I have three brothers (all younger than I). I'm not the best looking, but I'm the smartest. Ask my cat. If you can wake her up (try a bit of cheddar cheese).

19. After I retired, my sleep schedule gradually drifted  around so that I go to bed at 3AM or so, and get up at 11AM. I never have been a morning person. The thought of food before about 10AM is actually repugnant.

20. I never answer the phone. If someone needs to talk to me, they can start talking to the answering machine and I will then pick up the phone if it's someone I recognize or if I know the caller I.D.

21. I took up geocaching a month or so ago to get out of the house and get some exercise other than the treadmill. Having a ball. One of my brothers is getting enthusiastic about it also, so I have someone to hike around the countryside with, oops, sorry, I mean someone with whom to hike around the countryside.

22. I'm a TiVoholic since 2000. I can’t imagine TV watching without one now. I have no idea when programs come on, I just sit down when I feel like watching something on TV and pick a program from the list. There isn't actually all that much on TV that I like to watch, but frequently the TV is going while I read or work crossword puzzles. Maybe I just like the noise.

23. I haven't been on an airplane since 1960. I'm not afraid to fly, it's that I love driving, and I have not needed to go anywhere that required flying to get there. And these days, it seems like too much hassle to try to fly anywhere.

24. I have a replica of the Maltese Falcon on the top shelf of my home entertainment center. It is soooo cool. It was a gift, and it arrived wrapped in grungy newspaper tied with dirty string. Perfect. Do I have neat friends, or what?

25. I tend to not know when to stop when I start writing something (also, I'm a compulsive over-editor). I'm a man of few words when I speak, though. I have been called laconic and terse, but not uncommunicative.

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There is no way I can come up with 25 things about me LOL

1.  I was 44 when I got married to my sweetheart 7 years younger than I am, first time for us both, no children.
2.  I feel my in-laws "put up with me" because I took their 38 year old unmarried son off their hands.
3.  My first dogs name was Cutie Pie but she adopted my father.
4.  I was born in Dallas, my parents were born in Dallas and my grandparents (all 4 of them) were Texans.
5.  My first job was when I was 14 at Woolworths, cleaning shelves.
6.  My first car was a 50 plymouth that my grandfather gave me because they would only give him $50 on a trade in.  I wrecked it 6 months later.
7.  I am an Aquarian, my sister is one also (4 years minus 1 week apart) and we are about as different as can be.
8.  I first went to college at 18 and got my degree when I was 55
9.  I love school and going to classes, just wish we had some here.  My DH teaches Spanish to ex-pats and keeps saying he would teach me, but I know that just would not work.
10. Retired at age 58, earliest I could, and we moved to Mexico, rent and do not have a car, walk or bus it everywhere, altho sometimes I do mooch a ride.
11. Love living in Mexico, but my DH has relatives in Brazil and would like to move there, too difficult.
12. I have my application in for Mexican citizenship, plan on living here forever.
13. Love to walk and try to walk 1 + miles a day 5 days a week, my pups love to go with me at 6 am, DH is still asleep, and I am a tai chi leader.
14. Had major surgery 2 years ago, my colon and part of small intestine were removed, and still trying to get my walking back up to 5 k a day.
15. Due to my surgery my eating habits and lifestyle has change drastically, no flour, no citrus, no alcohol (don't drink anyway), limited vegs, but can have CHOCOLATE (prefer dark).  I do tire easily.
16. Don't cook very often, it is less expensive to eat out in Mexico than it is to cook.  Bring leftovers home in plastic containers I take with me, I have 5-7 small meals a day.  Don't like styrofoam!
17. Won several library awards when I was very young in Wisconsin (my father was in the Army) for reading more books than anyone else.  I used to complain because my competition read several at one time - didn't think that was fair, LOL.  Still love to read, but with the kindle I read several books at a time now.
18. Have two rescue dogs that are pure Mexican.
19. My father went to seminary when he was 55 and I quit school to help put him through school.
20. Played the clarinet in high school and my first 2 years of college (Texas Tech)
21.  Was a lifetime secretary working for title insurance companies, an attorney, bank, defense contractor and church (here in Mexico) and an optician working part time while going to college full time.  Also Secretary of the Year in my chapter in Dallas.
22.  I worked in a hardware store in San Diego while attending school at SDSU, for 1 semester.
23. Have lived in Wisconsin, Kansas, California (SD), Atlanta, Dallas, Arizona and Mexico
24.  Have traveled to Scotland and England 3 times, to Australia twice (company paid trip), and around the southern part of the US several times, as well as 7 trips to Brazil.
25.  Have friends I have not seen for many years, but still communicate via computer and snail mail.  Will not go to my high school reunion, I was one of the weird ones and don't have that many friends there.

Absolutely amazing that I came up with 25 things - did have to think about it though.

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Wow! I don't know if my 25 things are very exciting compared to what I've read on here, but no one will tag me on Facebook :( , so here goes:

1. I am 51 years old, but still feel 20 something most days.

2. My first job was packing blueberries. It was in an open building with a tin roof, and I passed out from the heat on my first day! I quit as soon as I made enough to buy a bathing suit!

3. As a young girl, my dream was to be a country singer. Alas, my drive was not that strong.

4. I gave birth to my first son on July 14, 1981 by c-section, and almost died from blood loss.

5. I gave birth to my next son on June 14, 1990 by c-section, and all went well. (And yes, I scheduled my youngest's birthday!)

6. After a couple of bitter divorces, I met  the love of my life, and married him on 7/27/97. He is 9 years older than me, but acts 10 years younger! lol

7. I hate wearing shoes in the house. My grandmother was the same way, and it drives my husband crazy!

8. I LIKE being alone. If no one is home with me, the TV, radio, etc. are OFF. This may have something to do with working as a 911 dispatcher. After 12 hours of that, I CRAVE silence!

9. I hate crowds. Wal-Mart makes me want to run screaming into the woods!

10. I was an only child until I was 15, then my little sister came along, and we have been fighting and loving ever since. :)

11. My mother started reading to me as a baby, and as soon as I learned to read for myself, there was no turning back! I still prefer reading over most other activities.

12. My mom and dad were divorced when I was less than two, and he did not keep in touch. I finally met him when I was 18 years old, and found out I had a half brother and two half sisters. Dad had divorced the mother of his other two daughters, so no one knew where they were.  Amazingly enough, I was googling their names for the heck of it on day last year, and found them! We all met and spent some time getting to know each other.

13. I have been a 911 dispatcher with the Sheriff's Office for over fifteen years now, and it is a challenging career. Some days I love it, and some days I can't wait for retirement.

14. I love to speed! I'm the middle age lady in the Buick Park Avenue that zooms past Mustangs! lol
I've never gotten a ticket, but when DH is with me, he makes me behave. :)

15. I was born in Kissimmee, FL, but have lived most of my life in NC. I have also lived in SC, KY, TX, CA, and OH. I've traveled to about half of the United States, but have never traveled out of the US.

16. I would love to visit Alaska and Canada someday.

17. Bungee jumping is on my list of things to do. DH thinks I am crazy!

18. I am very much a country woman. I love roosters; especially listening to them crow in the mornings, and I want to someday live in a log cabin on at least 12 acres of land in the mountains.

19. My favorite food type is Italian. I love garlic bread, but DH hates the smell of it, so I mostly eat it when he is working! lol

20. I am in the National Book of Dean's Lists for 1988 or 1989- I forget! Unfortunately, due to life changes, I didn't get to finish my degree.

21. My favorite books are cozy mysteries, christian women's fiction, and contemporary women's  fiction.

22. The first adult book I read was Gone With the Wind, and I have read it at least 5 times. The movie just cannot compare.

23. I have no "best" friends, as my only best friend died of cancer at the age of 42 a few years ago. i am working on figuring out ways to make new friends, just because it's nice to have someone to talk to about stuff that would bore the hubby!

24. Housework is not my thing. I try, but never quite reach my goal of keeping a dust free home.

25. My Kindle was one of the greatest material gifts I've ever gotten!

Thank you! :D

1) was born with a hernia so i had to say in the hospital a few weeks,

2) Mom finally got me.  Was on her way to show me off to my favorite aunt and I fell out of the car...back to the hospital.  Just scrapes and bruises.

3) Visited my sister in Arkansas when I was 12.  Didn't know what a spillway was.  i almost went over a dam, while on an air mattress, It was a huge damn dam.

4) My motorcycle blew a tire in Covington Ky.  My brother was on the back.  We hit the ground at about 75mph..and walked away from it

5) My dad liked to shoot me with my BB gun...until the day I got pissed and shot him back I was 8 and didn't think I'd see 9.

6) I am a qualified Open Water SCUBA diver.

7) Last dive was the Great Barrier Reef where the Aussie dive master almost got me killed 3 times.  I never dove again.

8) I have 20 hours of flight training and soloed 3 times.  After nearly crashing  on the third one due to my crappy depth perception i figured flying was not for me,

9)  I loved roller coasters but I can't ride them any more.

10) My back is FUBAR so I cant do a lot of things I used to like

11) One of my HS teachers asked my what I would do once out of school.  become a way!  i am pretty much a hermit.

12) I am very loyal to my sibs.  We have a strong bond.  I'll do anything I can for my family.

13) never married

14) don't drink alcohol

15) don't smoke

16) graduated from HS but didn't go to graduation, proms or anything else.  I hated the last two years of school

17  moved to Alabama from Ohio(explains 16)

18) been in jail two times for at least 5 hours or more each time

19) spent about 9 years total in the Navy

20  I am the only person I know that was fired from the Navy and still get an Hon DC

21  I get along with people as well as they let me.

22 Not a crowd person.  Definitely a loner

23 Love computer games.  I prefer single player games

24 love pranking my sibs

25 I loved being at sea and looking up into the night sky.
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