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I have various .mobi files that I created using a fixed layout with just images and some with images and text. All these .mobi files passed validation on Amazon and are viewable in the Kindle Previewer, Kindle Fire, Kindle HD.

I also have the Kindle app for my IPad and wanted to see what these files looked like thru the Kindle app and I see there are two ways to do this.
1. Download Send To Kindle app"
drag the .mobi file to the app select where you want to view it (I choose My Ipad).

2. Go to my Amazon Bookshelf
select book, select where you want to view it(I choose My Ipad).

in both instances when I view ANY of the 12 different .mobi files I created I only see:

the cover , with the rest of the pages blank. Except for the books with images AND text. On those I only see the text.

So I looked for another book on Amazon that was done using images, I found "Much Ado About puffins" If I load that book and view thru the app I see it fine.

So I downloaded the book to my desktop and I notice it is NOT a .mobi but an azw3 file. So I took my original epub file of one of the picture books I did, opened in Calibre and converted that to an .azw3 when I tried to upload that file to the "Send To Kindle App" It says that it does not handle these types of files. I'm all over Amazon's boards with this problem no answer yet so I thought I would ask here.




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It sounds to me like there is a problem with how the file is formatted?  I'm just guessing here, but I know there are subtle differences in how the various apps read files; files that look fine on a Kindle can have issue on Kindle for iPad.

I'm going to move this post to our Writers' Café where our authors hang out; perhaps one of them can help you!

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