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3 free scifi short stories

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Happy Saturday! I hope your weekend is going awesome. I'm currently sitting on a US Navy aircraft carrier freezing my butt off because the weather in VA is frightful. I wanted to touch base with you today and tell you about a science fiction short story I wrote called SoulMatch. This story is special to me because I dedicated it to a fallen hero and friend who was murdered about a year ago. He spent over twenty years in the Navy as a Seal before retiring and going to the Atlanta SWAT team. The story SoulMatch is about a soldier who is struggling with faith and love while the world he knows is in the midst of civil war. This story represents heroism as well as the struggle with faith when someone you know passes away. This is why I'm asking for your help. SoulMatch is currently free on kindle and in order for the story to reach the maximum amount of readers I need a few things to happen. The first thing is downloads. Every time someone downloads my story it increases my ranking, but rankings fall away within a few hours and are lost. The next best thing is reviews. The more positive reviews I have on a story or book, the more seriously Amazon backs it. The magic number is somewhere around 50 reviews and Amazon will start pushing it a little for me. In order for me to get their help, I first need your help. If you could download this ten page story and post a review you would doing me a huge favor and hopefully the story will also touch your heart. I admit the story is kind of sad, but life has those sad moments from time to time. That's what makes us feel alive. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope your weekend is warmer than mine :)
Here's the link:
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I have three of my scifi short stories currently free on Kindle.

Military scifi short story
Nate is a test pilot for the United States Army. Actually, he is the best damned test pilot period, even with the headaches. The United States is developing a new kind of piloted war machine with the help of Franklin Industries and they have secured some of the most high tech, abrasive equipment on the planet. Does it work? According to the test pilot, it works like a champ. If that's the case, then why is everything shrouded in mystery at the end of Nate's test flight? Furthermore, why does Nate suffer such horrific migraines? Read here to find out!

Dystopian scifi thriller
It is twenty five hundred years in the future and Serus Blackwell is a policeman. His job, though, is not to uphold the law, but to kill political targets within The Syndicate, the centralized government on Mars. As a member of The Agency he is feared by many, but some targets refuse to go down quietly.

Step into the world ruled by The Syndicate in this science fiction thriller today. It's a fast-paced action adventure you won't want to put down. Grab this free dystopian short story today!

The Policeman:

Post-apocalyptic scifi story about love, faith, and redemption.
Embark on a journey that brings humanity against an alien race. Both sides have fought for centuries and in the eyes of one man the war may finally be over, but at what cost.


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