For those of you who like to keep track, we just had our 300 millionth page view!

About 70 million of those occurred since Jan 1st of this year.

More KB factoids:

- For all of this past year we ranked in the top 10,000 of U.S. websites (in terms of site traffic)
- Our average site visitor is described as follows:
- predominantly female (more so than 90% of websites)
- predominantly college-educated (more so than 60% of websites)
- predominantly browse from home (more so than 90% of websites)

- 50% of site visitors are from the U.S.
- 17% are from the U.K.
- 13% are from Canada
- 7.5% from Belgium (where we're a top-1,000 website... go figure!)
- 3.4% from Australia

Only 5% of our traffic comes from search engines. Most people find us through word of mouth, by directly entering into their browsers, or clicking through another site linking to us. (There are about 600 sites that link to KBoards.)

More fun site stats here: