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This is my first E-book, It's a bit of a twist on the plethora of Internet Marketing books and looks at the darker side of Get Rich Quick Schemes on the internet.

I wrote this after a friend, a recent immigrant from the Ivory Coast lost $800 buying worthless "Make Money on the Internet" products. Here's a description of the book which is available on Smashwords:

DON'T GET SCAMMED! 33 Great Ideas for Losing Money on the Internet
The Little Book of Street Smart and Savvy Internet Marketing

If you Google, "make money online" you'll find page after page of listings promising to make you easy money in a flash. Rake in the cash, trudge down to the bank and you're ready to purchase a one-way-ticket to your favorite tropical island. Truth is, with this fantasy in mind, thousands of folks empty their bank accounts daily.

When faced with the profusion of business ideas, it can be a tough job separating outright scams from legitimate models for creating income. Chock-full of great advice, "Don't Get Scammed" will clue you into Internet Marketing schemes directed toward unsuspecting beginners and common pitfalls to avoid when starting out. Join us for some solid ideas on building your Internet Marketing business Street Smart and Savvy!

Here's the link to the book on Smashwords

Im excited about the possibilities of publishing for Kindle and e-readers and am looking forward to formatting some of my print books in the future.

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