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HelenHanson said:
I like the approach. It's tangible, measurable, and inexpensive. Driving around to all these places may cost more in petrol than the printing costs.
Not necessarily. Who says he has to make specific drives out to places to do this experiment? When done correctly, it doesn't take any time out of your day. You simply leave the material behind whenever you go about your regular routine.

You go to the library? You leave some bookmarks (or pens, or Romance Trading Cards, or whatever you're using) behind on the tables.

You go to dinner? You exchange the pen inside the credit card holder with one of your author pens.

You go on a trip and have to fly there? You place some bookmarks on the chairs in the waiting lounge.

It doesn't require any extra special trips. You just have to remember to always have a stock of the promo materials with you, wherever you go.

(I've just never done the tracking that he has. Brilliant.)
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