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99 cents until the end of 3/3/2015


Tools make a job easier. Great tools make a difficult job simple.

The perfect tool improves so much on the expected final result that the problem at hand itself is not only solved, but it has taken the solution in completely new and unexpected directions. It not only improves dramatically on the original problem at hand, but it creates a whole new benefit outcome that opens completely new horizons.

Some of the tools described in this eBook do as much.

Carve Out Time To Enjoy Yourself More, Or Just Get A Lot More Done Every Day

Many of the tools presented will just make your life easier. They ensure that your job gets done right. Many of the tools will triple your efficiency, and some will increase it by more than twenty times.

Other tools suggested will completely change your business productivity, workflow and life itself like they did mine. You'll get a lot more done, and you'll become the best at what you do by using these tools.

These tools will make you work a lot smarter as well. You'll get more done in the time allotted to your work and be much more organized.

I build websites with the most state-of-the-art tools available today -- and they cost me nothing! I have safeguarded my website by doing off-site backups using free tools and setup advertising using a cheap, painless and comprehensive ad manager. All of my own and my client's websites are monitored every 5 minutes to ensure they are up using a free tool. If they go down I am notified via text and email.

Powerful Applications That Elevate All That You Do

I have created software applications in 1/20th of the time that it used to take me before I found the right tool. There are tools that allow you to automate actions across your social media, email and text messages.

You can perform a detailed comprehensive competitive analysis using online intelligence and tools, and learn how to write a winning business plan. Think about it. Would you shoot an arrow before aiming at a target? There is a lot more riding on the shot you take for your business, so use these tools to make sure you are aligned with a target that will make you the winner over your competitors now. I can't emphasize this enough. If you don't do it today, then you'll be scrambling to do it later, and maybe when it's too late.

All of this can happen only if you simply take action to get the tools and make use of them. Most are free, and the rest cost very little. The benefit in all cases is huge. I spend a lot less time doing the things I have to do, allowing me to get more done every day.

You must act on this information. Start today, do it now.

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Welcome to KBoards, Or Welcome Back ;) OR Hi, glad you're still here. :D Congratulations on the book! :)

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