Intriguing. Absorbing. Suspenseful. So say readers of this uniquely-structured serial killer thriller. Read on!

925, by Æmilius
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198 pages, with a 4.5-star rating from 6 reviews

"The anatomy of a psychopath, the spinning of a yarn that very cleverly switches timeframes in a most creative fashion that allows us entry into the machinations of a dysfunctional family, a peek into the inadequacies of the `serve and protect' crews, and a keenly observant distillation of serial killing mentality. The language matches the story - raw, crude, and forceful. It takes a while to move into Æmilius' writing technique, but once inside it the form follows function. A surprisingly rich debut, a book that takes chances, tries new ideas, and makes them work." -- Amazon reviewer
Delve deep into the minds of a CIA agent avenging the death of his MI6 partner, the serial killer that did it, and the serial killer's son, who's out to make a killing of his own to set his father up for failure. Highly suspenseful and thrilling, 925 resonates as an at times psychotic tale of revenge. Gregory Belittled breaks from his nine-to-five life by making a fortune coming up with an anti-skimming mechanism for the Bank of Las Vegas and uses it to buy everything he needs to take his father down.

A new writing style no one has used before? Try this book. It may not stand out at first, but when the book progresses through its chapters, you'll notice things are slightly different. The use of different tenses to slow the story down or speed it up. The perspective changing mid-section to someone else that suddenly drives the action. It can all be done and it has all been done -- now!

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Æmilius is a Fencing Master, a Master of Science in Computer Science, with a special interest in AI & Consciousness, and he learned to write with the help of a proper Script Consultant. He's also a Creative Director when you check his actual interests. And yes, his family is, shall we say, interesting? He's a man of rules, that likes to break with the rules. He doesn't like established frameworks. He does like the law and justice being done. He writes to inspire and entertain. He writes because he writes. He doesn't know what else to do. That's Æmilius.