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I've read this advice here many times: Write in series. Make them 99 cents (or put the first one free).

I had a number of stand-alone novels in the "trunk" to upload first, and I didn't want to make them 99 cents regularly, but I knew I was aiming for this day when I put up the first in a series. I've never been steered wrong by the communal intelligence here, and yet again you all are correct in this advice. After just a couple weeks, I'm getting a mailing list sign-up or two every day, most with kind/enthusiastic words that make me want to sit down and type faster, and I'm selling twice what I did a month ago. Of course, it's much easier to advertise a 99-cent book (and that will get even easier as the reviews come in).

The people here really know this business. I'm glad I lurked here for a year before beginning to publish, and I thank you again for sharing your knowledge. I follow your advice (or at least the bits of it I can afford to follow), I stay patient, and the readers come. The past seven months have gone far better than I expected, and I know I have you all to thank. And I do thank you. You are kind and generous folks.
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