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"I think every mother can relate to these feelings. I loved the author's humor and thought provoking perspective!" reader review (Debanair) --Barnes & Noble
Product Description
A collections of essays, short fiction, poetry and a novella-- all about the various aspects of Motherhood.

This book contains:
Preconceived: a Poem
Watermarked Dreams: An Essay
Vignette: Morning Chaos (short fiction)
The SAHM I AM: An Essay
Blessings: a Poem
Back to Back Babies: Coping with the Daily Stress: An Article
Cultivating a Rose, Instead of a Weed (or Attempting to Raise a Daughter)
Why I Write in the Bathtub What I Create in the Bed: An Essay
Prime Red Perspective: a Poem
On Adoption: An Essay
Bathroom Break: An Essay
My Son, My Firstborn: a Poem
Connections: An Essay
When Mommy Can't Fix It: An Essay
Of Love and Loss: An Essay
Of Genes and Hormones (or I Can't Believe I Wanted This!)
Memories For Sale - A Novella
Apples to Oranges: An Essay
Mother/Me: a Poem

Several of the works contained in this collection have been previously published in various formats, from newspaper columns to online magazines.
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****Yay! Reflections just received it's first review on Amazon (4 stars!) *****

"Reflections on Motherhood by Karen Fowler was not your typical "feel good" book. It was a refreshing change from the saccharin sweet stories of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and others. Ms. Fowler chose selections that captured the true essence of motherhood. From the story of the mother who believed that we all gave up our dreams when we had children to the mother whose favorite room in the house had become the bathroom because it was only there that she could escape for a few minutes of solitude, I think any mother can relate.

I experienced many different emotions while reading this book. For example, I laughed when I read "Why I Write in the Bathtub What I Create in the Bed" and nearly cried while reading "My Son, My Firstborn." A must read for anyone who has ever experienced motherhood."

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Thank you! That means just as much to me as a good review  ;D I designed the cover, and the images is one of mine as well (I'm a photographer too) and tweaked in photoshop. The original picture was just a tree in the woods, I had to "create" the water and the reflection to fit the book title. I love doing things like that as a way to procrastinate taking the time to write  :)

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Squee! Reflections on Motherhood just received a 5-star review on Smashwords. Check it out!

***For the summer sale, the collection is also ON SALE at 50% off at Snashwords too!

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Here's a little excerpt from a story within this collection. Enjoy!

"Come on, Brady! Momma's waitin'," Kira said just outside the kitchen. A moment later, both of her children appeared. Kira went straight for the stack of plates on the counter and set them in the appropriate places on the table. Brady did the opposite of being helpful.
"Gee, Mom - whad'ya burn this time?" Brady poured himself a glass of milk, which he spilt within two seconds flat.
One morning, just one morning where things didn't go wrong-that's all she ever asked for. "For Pete's sake, Brady!" Maryanne grabbed a dishtowel and bent to sop up the opaque mess. "Can you really be that clumsy, or do you wake up each morning and think 'Now what can I do to irritate Mom today?' -huh?"
Brady stood perfectly still, and Maryanne instantly felt bad for her harsh tone.
"Mom?" Brady said.
"Yeah, sweetie?" Maryanne took her son by the hand, preparing herself for the words he would say to make her crumble.
Brady giggled unexpectedly. "Who's Pete?"
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