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A brief thanks to all of you

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So I've been at this now for a whole 3 months, which is a really really long time, you know. I don't know why I can't retire yet.  I've followed ALL the advice here exactly:

I've only published a few shorts, all unrelated, with homemade covers and unvetted blurbs, and I've done almost zero promotion.  I'm not rolling it yet. What gives?

Seriously though, I just wanted to say thank you to the community here.  I mostly lurk here, but I have been paying attention. Several months ago, after a life-changing event, I found this board and figured ‘why not’, and I dusted off some old (15+ years) short stories . For fun I self published some of them.  It's been great.

But I also gave myself a little test this past month- while still a hobby for me, I decided to treat writing more seriously. And so I have. I sat my butt down in a chair, and wrote every day. Within three weeks I had put down a 13,000 word draft, and yesterday I published it as a (longer) short.  I know most of you would laugh at 13K in 3 weeks, but consider that for me, a year ago I was writing nothing, and only still occasionally wondering ‘what if’, so that's huge. Baby steps.

So now I am hooked, and looking forward.  I am back at the computer, writing, studying the craft, etc. I'm even making a website, and trying this newfangled 'twitter' thing, have you heard of that? More than a few of you have been really informative and inspirational with your posts and thoughts, spreadsheets, promo threads, and marketing ideas. In all aspects, this board has been monumental in facilitating this little journey of mine. I'm still on a zero budget, and may always be small, but that's okay. I now have bigger plans than I did when I started, and who knows what the future will bring.

So again… thank you KBoards! 
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You're welcome!  Congrats on publishing!

This forum really is a great resource all on its own. :)
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