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So I'm looking at the year ahead and relise its going to be a busy one, so much so that finding time for writing, let alone everything else that goes along with it, will be rather tough.

I'm up the the last year of the course I'm doing and the workload has seen a massive increase - four to four and a half days of class time, plus another day to a day and a half on assignments, reports, presentations etc.  Not to mention the hour a day on public transport.

Then there is the girlfriend who rather expects me to propose before too long, which will lead to having to plan for the wedding (and who knows how we are going to afford that.)  And once that is done I'm going to have to move states, with all the disruption that brings.  (We are doing a long distance thing at the moment, which is never easy.)

And that is just the start of it all.

I fear I'm going to be lucky if I can squeeze half an hour of writing in a day.  Makes the dream of being a full time writer rather a distant one.  All seems a bit catch-22 at times.  You need the time to write to hopefully support yourself, but to support yourself while you write you need to work (or study), which leaves less time for writing and so less chance for reaching your dream.

But despite it all, the dream remains...
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