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DESTINED - fantasy trilogy
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Hey guys,

has anybody used the A+ content on amazon yet?
I've added mine last week and I have a funny problem.

Added the content for two of my self published novels, part 1 and 2 of a series. I've added the following:
  • banner
  • character descriptions
  • quotes of happy readers

Obviously descriptions and quotes vary for each book, but the banner is the same.
It shows the packshots of the two novels, the title, that it's now available, a stock photo and I've used an "available on kindle" flag, plus another CTA like "join the adventure!"

At first I got an email from amazon, that I have to remove the quotes from happy readers.
I was a bit confused, because I did some research and had seen exactly that kind of content block on another fantasy novels' page, but okay. I removed it.

Here's the funny part:
After that the A+ content has been approved for my first novel, it's live.

For my second novel I first got another request: Remove everything directly relating to amazon.
I removed the "available on kindle" flag.

Received another request: Remove the "join the adventure!" thing.

I mean... okay, I can surely remove that too, but I'm confused. Why is the exact same banner already live on my other product page? Do they check these things manually and not by bots? And why the heck do they write separate emails for every change? It takes forever to get something live like this 馃槄

I can provide the link to my first novel, if you'd like to see the banner. Just let me know.

Has anybody else experienced something like that with A+?


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  • No quotes or attributions may be made in A+ content to individuals, customers, or other private figures. A maximum of four quotes or endorsements is allowed, and these should only be from well-known publications or public figures and must be accompanied by the author, date, and if citing a publication, the title.

  • Images or text that attempt to mimic Amazon logos, detail page headings, or details are not allowed. References to Amazon-supported programs or branded products are permitted.
Not sure why you would have wanted the "Available on Kindle" flag anyway in the banner, when it's already obvious from the sales page info before you get to the A+ content. The same with customer quotes if taken from the review section on the sales page.

All my books have A+ content in different formats, with, all with similar logo banners and not had any request to remove anything.

Considering there a millions of product pages, I imagine in the first instance that checks are automatic and some emails auto generated, but maybe the ad is then flagged for individuals to check? If so, individuals can have different interpretations on what is allowed and what is not. It isn't worth taking up with them as it says there is a possibility the product could be taken off sale.
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The emails? No, haven't run into that, but on, "Why is the exact same banner already live on my other product page?" I know you can share the same A+ across a series or several books by adding their ASINs.

DESTINED - fantasy trilogy
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I've changed the banner for the whole series now and everything has been approved by amazon.
I was just wondering, why the same banner had been approved for part I of the series, while part II had the request for changes.

But it's fine now, so I am happy that my product page looks a bit more fancy! :)
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