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STORM SOWN The Legend of Seven Book 1

STORM SOWN paperback

When the Storm of War ravages his home, Arden, son of the Chieftain, learns that Destiny has chosen him and his young companions to embark on a journey of discovery. A discovery as seen through the eyes of Hari, a boy who envies him, and Maedra, a girl who adores him; and the eyes of Kadrek and Dainzel of the warring elder races who become his allies, and of Okarg, his unwitting adversary.

From the frigid Northern Ice Wastes to the burning Southern Deserts, and the verdant Eastern Jungles to the lush Western Plains, Arden journeys in search of his abducted people. This journey takes them through a world that is changing faster than any of them can fathom. And to face these changes, Arden and his friends too must change, in ways that none could have ever imagined.
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