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Now here's something I didn't know, or may have missed. I received a one-star review (big deal) on one of my popular books No Irish Need Apply today and went to view it. I read it, shrugged and went on, but noticed below that review was a 5-star review that came in a few days ago. It was marked (UK). I went Author Central and the new one was listed, but not that one. Then I went to the No Irish page on the UK, and there it was. Am I to conclude that although US reviews are not posted on the UK pages, UK reviews automatically post in the US? It's my first UK review (excpt for reviewers that reported from the US to UK). Ironically, the one-star review bestowed that honor because of my use of words (too fancy), while the five-star review praised me for the same thing - good writing - almost poetic. ;D I guess I wrote 2 different stories.

Anyway, any one that has further information or experience on the authomatic posting business from the UK, please enlighten me. I'm suppose to know these things.

Edward C. Patterson
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