A Ghost To Watch Over Me (A Mystery Thriller), by Geoffrey Sleight
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128 pages, with a 3.9-star rating from 10 reviews

"A fantastic read which develops into a cracking thriller." -- Amazon review

"I liked this book and will definitely buy more of his books in the near future." -- Amazon reviewer
A frightening encounter with a ghost in his home, transforms the everyday life of Gary Belmont into a battle of survival with powerful forces that he never knew existed.

The trail is ignited when he discovers his late grandmother's amazing secret past, and the dangers she once faced.

Now, from beyond the grave, her story exerts a mysterious influence on events, as Gary battles overwhelming odds.

Uncovering a shocking truth of betrayal, danger to the public and corruption at the highest level, he also finds new love in his life. But it becomes increasingly threatened by the prospect of sudden and violent death for anyone close to him.

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Meet the Author

I worked for 30 years in journalism and later pursued a career in acting. I've always loved writing, and have also scripted audio dramas for CD and written short film screenplays. My favourite genres in reading are an eclectic mix of historical dramas, thrillers, supernatural and mysteries.

My writing style is generally mystery/thriller linked with supernatural or strange events, which doesn't necessarily tie the stories to one specific genre. I look upon it as a bit like cooking, incorporating 'tastes' from the cuisine of other cultures - and hopefully adding an interesting new zest.

For many years my ambition was to write novels, and now that new phase in my life has begun. My grateful thanks to all who have bought and read my stories and to my reviewers, whose thoughts are a spur and a vitally important contribution to seeing how others see you.

I live in Buckinghamshire, UK with my wonderful wife Jenny. We have a son and daughter, and two amazing grandchildren.

My works to date:

DARK SECRETS COTTAGE: When a young man inherits an old country cottage from his great uncle, supernatural events reveal a terrifying history of dark family secrets. I once stayed in an old converted farmhouse, and some strange, disturbing noises in the night gave me the idea for this story.

THE SOUL SCREAMS MURDER: A couple's dream of happiness in their new family home is shattered when strange, ghostly events start terrifying their daughters. Soon after a man brutally kidnaps one of the girls, fearing his evil past will be revealed through the disturbing apparitions in the house. A deadly chase begins, as the horror of the kidnapper's dreadful crimes unfold.

A GHOST TO WATCH OVER ME: A chilling, paranormal encounter one night leads Gary Belmont to discover a shocking secret that could endanger the lives of thousands, linked to official cover-up and corruption. The trail is ignited by the wartime secrets of Gary's late grandmother, who seems to have a strong influence on the hazardous perils he encounters, even from beyond the grave.

MORTAL TRESPASSES: A woman's terrified phone call leads Elliot Delaney to a quiet, country church where he suspects strange activities are taking place. As he starts to uncover layers of secrecy surrounding a shocking project at the church, danger grows for him and the new love in his life.

THE TWIST OF DEVILS: Where devils and demons play deadly games with unsuspecting victims, in a collection of short stories that all have strange twists in their tales.

THE DEATHLY PRINCE: A prince suspects his uncle of killing his father, in order to marry his mother. Revenge is in the air. Then two unsuspecting gents wander into the violent fray, turning a classic tragedy into a murderous romp.

Please feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

Or on Twitter: @resteasily

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