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A good week-- almost 10,000 sold

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I don't tally Kindle sales any more until Sunday-- it saves time for writing.  So this morning I did previous week and was surprised to see a nice jump from the week before, when was averaging 1,200 a day.  Now up to averaging 1,400 ebooks sold a day and very close to 1,000 sold a day on US Kindle.  I think the new series we're uploading is making an impact.  Will be uploading two more books this week.
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Wow...just friggin wow!  Will you hold it against me if I'm jealous?
You call that a "good" week, Bob?

By that usage, most of us would pray for a mediocre week! Congratulations on your success. You deserve it.
Wow, just FREAKIN WOW.  Can I ride your coattails?
Very impressive figures. Good for you!

And thanks for inspiring me to only check book sales once a week.  That little habit of the frequent daily checks can sure get addicting, can't it?
And I thought I was doing well selling over a thousand for the month! Well done!
Bob, congratulations. I've been watching and you seem to do a couple of things John Locke is now saying about how he sold a million copies. You seem to have a clear target audience with each book. You have multiple books. With your thrillers and with your historical fiction, you have two different niche audiences. I'm assuming you blog and tweet, and you're on Kindleboards more often than I get on.

I'm looking to find my own audience for my literary comic novels, and I'll take heart in your drive and acumen. What made your sales go up recently, do you think? After an author writes what others consider to be a quality book, what are your top one or two things you recommend he or she do?

Chris,  I'm working on a blog post regarding that question, because I've been getting it asked a lot in an online course I'm wrapping up at Write It Forward.  I'll post that blog probably at the end of this week and will make sure to mark it here in the cafe.
That's great Bob. I think my wife is one of your biggest promoters and she has been since she first picked up one of your books several years ago.
I've been seeing a neat trend as well. It seems by about the 20th of each month, my Kindle sales surpass the previous month. I't been doing that since February, and I hope it continues.
Great news Bob.  You are doing many things right.
Wow! Congratulations. If could name one or two things that have help you the most, what would they be?
Amazing. I'm still working my way into eBooks. Having my main titles from Random House selling for $11.99 is a bit of an anchor, I think.
Yeah, I can only imagine how nice it must be to finally have full control over your backlist and have the incentive to promote it like you are doing. Best wishes on your continued success, Bob.
8) You are my new hero Bob.  I'm trying to make it in the same genre and am off to a slow but steady start.  As you frequently say, writing is a long term proposition.  Thanks for the words of wisdom you give us young writers here on Kindle boards.
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