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A great thing about having an author forum here...

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... is that it's a fantastic way to get good feedback and constructive suggestions on what we do here.

I wanted to share with you some of the improvements and (blush!) innovations we're putting in place to give you the best promotional opportunities that we can. Many of these came from your suggestions. I feel really fortunate that we have this forum and not just a FB page/blog combo. Combined, I think we are on the way to making it a powerful troika for enriching readers and empowering writers.

Here are some specifics:

- We're starting to use Facebook "photo" uploads rather than links to the blog, and then including the link in the text. This is having a positive
effect on clicks and engagement. I believe we're the first such site in the e-book space to do so.

- Our FB membership really drives traffic to the blog; we just past 19,000 members. And that's in four months! We hope to hit 20,000 by end of year, and are gunning for 50,000 by the end of 2013.

- We pay to have every post we make on FB get promoted to try to reach out to more than the default distribution that Facebook decides on. That may change at some point, but it's part of our current strategy to get your books in front of as many readers as we can.

- I'm trying to alert and educate our readers on ways (like Facebook Interest Lists) that they can ensure they get our free and paid book alerts.

- Our email newsletter readership is slowly growing, we're at about 1,000 members now.

- We took an author's earlier suggestion and are making the bargain book post more prominent - by moving it up nearer the top in the combined "Free and Bargain Books" post.

 - Because our blog posts already include paid books, bargain-priced books, spotlight books, and numerous author profiles (over sixty so far!), I think we will get some grace from Amazon in terms of controlling what books, e.g. what ratio of free books, we offer.

- We're preparing an automated way to make *one* graphic out of the 8 or so books we feature each day in our Free & Bargain Books post - - so we can post that as the "photo" on Facebook. I'm excited about that and think it will work well.

Anyway, I really appreciate your support - - and I like featuring your amazing covers and great books on our blog and FB!!

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Thanks Harvey, not only for everything you are doing, but for communicating with us about it!
That's some great stuff. Without question, this site has made my life better. Thank you!
You guys work much harder behind the scenes than we can imagine. Thank you for that. It is appreciated more than YOU can imagine!
Thank you for everything you do. It's amazing. Happy Holidays to you.
Aww, shucks. This is making me feel all Christmasy inside, like with glitter and everything.

{hugs} for all!
Harvey, thank you so much for everything you do. KB is the best!
Thank you, Harvey, for giving us our own little corner of the Net. Without KB, I wouldn't be a published author.

Happy Holidays!


I've not been a member here for long, but I'm impressed.
This is the best forum/format of writers I've found.
The new features sound very cool, but it's the moderators that make the biggest difference imho.
I like your improvements.  :)

Harvey and Betsy: you've made this site the best writer hangout in town. Thank you.
Even for those of us that are social media and technologically challenged -- you make things easy.

Thank you.

I thought you were going to say the great thing about having an author forum was getting to watch us fight over trivia.  ;)

Seriously, you and your crew have made this a great place to hang out and done wonderful things for the indie community. Thank you!
Kwalker said:
Thanks Harvey, not only for everything you are doing, but for communicating with us about it!
yes! thanks, Harvey!
Thanks for being so welcoming, levelheaded and generous with your time - and for bringing readers and writers together!
You all are the best, and you've created something really special with this site.
Harvey said:
I feel really fortunate that we have this forum
Absolutely this. I have to come here every day to get my daily dose of KB knowledge. Thanks for creating such a haven for us writers. Those changes sound fantastic.
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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