Accomplished author Sandy Semerad weaves together steamy romance and chilling intriguing in this beguiling romance that sizzles with tension.

A Message in the Roses, by Sandy Semerad
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237 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 4 reviews

"I was spellbound! This author has the gift to "take you away".. I cannot believe the ability of the writer to lock you in. Awesome read! Looking forward to the sequel. Just cannot get enough!" -- Amazon reviewer
On a snowy day in Atlanta, Carrie Sue Justice revisits the past as a young and passionate newspaper reporter, covering a shooting death in her community:

It's 1986. Her life is a mess. She catches her husband with another woman inside the antebellum home she inherited from her parents. Then she falls in love with an unavailable man plagued with guilt. The man is none other than the irresistible owner of the Southern Journal where Carrie Sue works.

They begin a steamy love affair. During this wild time, Carrie Sue must find out why three black teenagers were arrested for killing a white teen. One of the teens was wrongly accused.

She's determined to help prove his innocence. Come hell or high water.


"A Message in the Roses is both lovely and exciting, a nail biter to the quick. It brings a delightful combination of journalistic craft and romantic prose that warms the heart and steams up the room." Dave Straub, former CNN anchor, White House reporter / NBC, Presidential Adviser.

"A Message In The Roses is a story of social justice in the New South, brewed with generous portions of investigative and trial reporting and enough steamy romance to cook the petals off the roses." Dirk Wyle, author of the Ben Candidi Mysteries.

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Meet the Author

Sandy Semerad has been making up stories in her head ever she can remember. She was born in Geneva, Alabama, but earned a journalism degree from Georgia State University in Atlanta. She has worked as a model, newpaper reporter, broadcaster and news editor.

Her mystery novel Sex, Love and Murder is set in New Orleans and her second mystery is Hurricane House, set in a Florida Fishing Village. Both books feature a magical crystal necklace and are available in e-book and print. Her third book, A Message in the Roses, is a love story, loosely based on a murder trial she covered as a newspaper reporter in Atlanta.

All three books have been highly recommended.

For more information visit her website

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