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A new and eclectic novel: "The Ballad of Limpy Bones Johnson"

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Looking for a new bargain ebook? Look no further than "The Ballad of Limpy Bones Johnson." Only $.99 for a limited time. Here is the book description:

Inspired by everything from blues music to graphic novels to Shakespeare to Lovecraft, "The Ballad of Limpy Bones Johnson" takes readers on an epic journey through various traditions, histories, and regions of Americana often overlooked in popular fiction. Featuring larger-than-life characters, this tall tale forces readers to come to terms with their own preconceptions about culture, belief, and friendship. What is the nature of religious tradition? What are friendship and love? What kind of person do readers assume would ascribe to certain beliefs? When are revenge and betrayal justified? What is Voodoo, and why does it carry certain stigmas in modern popular society?

Believing himself betrayed by his best friend, one man (Scrapes McGee) dedicates his life to blind vengeance and hate. Himself a former criminal, the hero of the novel (Limpy Bones Johnson) must overcome his own prejudices to eventually become a practitioner of arts he once considered "black magic," in order to defend himself and the woman he loves. Two brothers (from different nations, backgrounds, and races) turn against one another in a life-long battle of legendary proportions. A cast of supporting characters, written in the vain hope of capturing the colorful diversity of American society itself, must choose when to aid or betray the protagonists. Intentionally absurd, unapologetically eclectic, this novel forces both the characters and readers to ask themselves one ultimate question: does belief itself structure our reality?

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