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A piracy ancedote

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I don't know if this is helpful to perhaps some of the less seasoned members of this community (like me), but from time to time I see a post or thread that discusses the piracy of our work. Typically veteran members/authors point out not to worry about it, that these sites are just malware/virus traps, and or those copies would have never been bought anyway, so let it go. I subscribe to this philosophy.

Anyway, my datum:

On a whim, I did a Google search using this query:

"ian jaymes" planetfall

Sure enough I found my short story listed on pirate sites. Thing is, I'm a prawn's prawn, bouncing along the bottom. Not even a prawn really, more of a burrowing sand flea. I had sold all of two copies at that point- one to (so embarrassing) my wife, and the other to (even worse, but she loves me), my mom. Really. I'm pretty sure, yeah almost certain that they weren't posting my story to these sites.

So (at least in my case), these sites don't have your book- and I have to go with they're just malware traps. If they do have it, well I guess that's a different story, but just let it go. Anyone that goes through all that trouble to not have to pay for your masterpiece, well, they weren't going to buy it anyway, and they're going to get what they deserve!
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My books appeared on pirate sites within days of being uploaded, and of course I downloaded each copy with a "safe" computer environment to check them out.

They were full versions, no malware, downloaded from Smashwords (based on the front matter).

I'm not going to sweat it, but it does annoy me.
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