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A question about ISBN numbers

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Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie to indie publishing and was wondering about something I read recently at KDP.  It says you can't use a print ISBN for an e-book and I'm wondering if you all can explain why I'd need an ISBN for an e-book.  If I'm considering both an e-book and POD version of my novel, is it worth buying two ISBNs?

Thanks for your opinions and insight!
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No, you shouldn't use your print ISBN for your ebook, however, you don't need an ebook ISBN at all, if you don't want one.  Neither Amazon nor B&N requires one, and it won't affect your sales, so why waste the money?

Thanks so much Maria! 

That's what my gut said too.  But when KDP offered that as an option, I wondered if there was something important I hadn't figured out yet.
One reason for getting the ISBN for the ebook is that Apple won't accept it without one.  For ten bucks, it might prove worth it in sales, and if you're a Canuck, it costs nothing.
Thank you for the heads up on Apple, Marsha.  I was at Smashwords a day or so ago and it looked like picking up an ISBN through them for both Apple and Sony is exactly what I should do.  And then, get one at CreateSpace for the POD version. 

BTW...I'm not a Canuck, but rather a warm weather girl like my cover.  It's funny that you mentioned Canada, though.  I have family there.     
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