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A question for erotica writers

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I've decided to dip my toe into your genre (don't worry, it will be a pseudonym and my wife insists on being my editor for the good bits) and, in doing some research, I noticed that 18 of the current top 20 erotica books on kindle are written in first person. Do erotica readers expect first person? Does third person (other than those other 2) sell in erotica?
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Yes, third person definitely sells.

The idea behind first person being popular is because it helps the reader connect more to the POV character (which is very important in erotic anything.) But yes, of course third person sells as well, and you probably won't alienate erotica readers with it. I know I prefer third person even in erotica. It's also what I exclusively write for right now.
Trends come and go. Just write what you think is best -- and preferably write a lot of it -- and it will sell. If there is anything worth paying attention to it's the "niches" in the genre.
I don't think readers expect a certain POV, any genre can be written in any way that the author perceives to be best.
Yeah, just use whatever POV style you feel is the most comfortable. I write almost exclusively in 3rd-person and I'm doing okay sales-wise...

I really need to force myself to write in 1st more often, though. There's this odd emotional disconnect that happens whenever I try writing my stories in 1st-person... Maybe it's a Freudian (Jungian?) thing. 
I write 3rd person, I just don't enjoy reading or writing in 1st.
I don't think it matters too much, write whatever is most comfortable for you. As a man, would you find it double tricky writing 1st person female?
This is my first self-pubbed book (released November 26th 2012), and i'm over the moon with sales & reviews so far.
Go for it!  :)
I think both sell, I'm wondering if a man could write from a woman's pov ... I don't think I could put myself in the man's shoes ...
Has anybody done that? Is it "comfortable" ?
Lady_O said:
I think both sell, I'm wondering if a man could write from a woman's pov ... I don't think I could put myself in the man's shoes ...
Has anybody done that? Is it "comfortable" ?
I know a number of m/m writers who are actually female and write solely from a man's pov both 1st and 3rd pov.

Also, Charles de Lint is definitely male and writes amazing female pov though of course he doesn't write erotica. I think with enough research, imagination and asking for the input from beta-readers everything is possible. Writers rarely only write about the things they know. Writing is often about pushing boundaries and trying out new things and stepping into the roles of completely different people.
I'm not sure I'm ready to try.
I've been trying to figure out how man think for more than 50 years now and I still don't have a clue  ;)
It did not even occur to me to write my erotica in 1st person. The idea makes me think though.

I have written 1 book in 1st person (other pen name), and in that case it really helped me get into the character's head. In fact, I really stumbled on that book, trying to write it in 3rd person.

I say, Do What You Feel.

Figure out what serves the story best: God's eye view or only knowing and seeing what the Protag does? Two examples that come to mind would be a group scene vs. a blindfolded character. The latter can probably be more effective in first person while you would want to be a fly on the wall for the former. Ultimately it comes down to the quality of your story and your delivery.

Is your story a short or an epic novel? If it's a short then maybe try writing it in both perspectives?
Thanks for the input everyone. I normally feel the story will let me know whether to use 1st or 3rd, but when I saw how predominant first person was in the top selling erotica, I thought I better check with people who have more experience than I do.
As for writing from a woman's point of view, it's only the sex scenes that have me a little worried. Luckily, one of my best beta-readers (my wife) also happens to be a strong, feminist woman who won't let me screw it up.
Thanks again for the help!
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