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A question for erotica writers

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I'm just finishing up my first erotica and, in doing promo for my other books, I've noticed a lot of the places where I would normally list or do promo do not accept erotica.
Where does everyone go for promo/advertising?
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Best promo for erotica is good SEO and more books.

I do no promo beyond building a mailing list.

We take them at Also check the site sidebar bottom for other links. Ebookbooster has a list too.
Social media works really great for erotica. I would focus on that since most of the larger free promotion sites such as Pixel of ink and ENT refuse to accept erotica. I should add that Summer's facebook page really helped me promote my books.
Thanks for the tips, everyone (and yes, that can be a sexy erotica pun, if you like).  ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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