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A Question on Price-Matching and Select

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Hi, yous guys. So I've got this new release and I can still cancel my Select enrollment if I do it before 6 am tomorrow. I'm trying to decide what I want to do.

How much success are people having with price-matching to permafree at Amazon right now? Because if it's not that hard to do right now (it's been a long time since I've done it), I might get out of Select and just do that instead. This one is another novella-length (50K) preview of an upcoming novel, so I'm mainly looking to attract new readers with it and to give the old readers something to chew on before the next big novel.

My initial plan was to do 5 free days through Select, then after 3 months try to go permafree at some point. But now I'm starting to think permafree might be the way to go, asap.

A related question: Has anyone had luck getting sites like ENT and POI to feature a relatively new permafree book? Because if they don't like to do that, then maybe I should stick with Select for 3 months and hope to get those sites to feature me up that way. I wonder how many downloads I'd get just going permafree vs. getting a boost from ENT or POI (assuming those sites don't like to feature permafree books, but would feature a limited time freebie).

Thanks very much for your thoughts, everyone!
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Permafree didn't work well for me. I went back to Select and my sales went back up. But I don't know that it means anything for anyone else.
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